New Horizons

Based in Goa

Starting from our sunny riverside headquarters in Goa, we're spreading our wings pan India.

Pure Play Regional Airline

We are a regional airline, committed to serving underserved and unserved routes that will connect millions of Indians to their dreams and aspirations.

Digital First

We are a digitally-driven airline, harnessing the latest technology to enhance customer experience and revolutionise the way people travel.

Last Mile Connectivity

Say goodbye to travel hassles and hello to seamless last-mile connectivity that makes your journey efficient and stress-free.

Real Bharat

Get ready to embark on a journey through the heart of Bharat. Our mission is to seamlessly connect various regions of India with the most reliable and trusted network thus making travel more accessible and convenient than ever before.

ATR - The Regional

Our modern fleet of ATR 72-600 is a smart choice for regional operations. It’s best in class fuel efficiency coupled with sustainability promises to deliver great value to our customers.


Our Story

Introducing FLY91 - the airline that connects every Indian to their dreams, passions, aspirations, adventures and beyond! Just as the code "+91" unifies India through seamless communication, FLY91 soars beyond horizons to unlock boundless possibilities. We strive to empower every Indian to connect with a larger community and chase their dreams. FLY91 is your gateway to a life of limitless potential, encompassing more adventure, more experiences and more cherished moments. A symbol of India's mesmerising beauty and vibrant diversity, our wings embody the promise of opportunity, guiding you through ethereal landscapes and soaring ever closer to your dreams. So spread your wings with FLY91, and let us connect you to the Bharat of boundless opportunity.