These Conditions of Carriage form a binding and enforceable contract of carriage by air between FLY91 and Customer(s).

The definitions of the terms used within these Conditions of Carriage shall be as follows:

  • 1. “Airline GSTIN” refers to the GST Identification Number(s) of the airline for generating invoices to Customers for their Booking.
  • 2. “Airport Charges” include PSF, UDF, Aviation Security Fees, or other comparable fees imposed by an airport operator or the Airports Authority of India, as appropriate, upon Customers.
  • 3. “Baggage” pertains to the luggage or items carried by the Customer in connection with their journey. Unless explicitly specified otherwise, it includes both, Checked-in Baggage and Hand Baggage.
  • 4. “Baggage Identification Tag” refers to a document exclusively issued to identify Checked-in Baggage, affixed to each piece of Checked-in Baggage.
  • 5. “Baggage Tag” signifies the tag/receipt issued by Fly91 to a Customer against the carriage of Checked-in Baggage, affixed to the boarding pass or shared electronically with the Customer, as applicable.
  • 6. “Booking” implies a confirmed reservation registered in Fly91’s database upon full payment by a Customer (either directly or on their behalf), and the issuance of a valid confirmation number, PNR, or E-ticket number by Fly91 or a Travel Agent, serving as the principal record of the reservation.
  • 7. “Checked-in Baggage” refers to Baggage carried by Fly91 for Customers for which a Baggage Tag has been issued and cannot be carried as Hand Baggage.
  • 8. “Child” refers to an individual over 2 (two) years and below 12 (twelve) years of age on the travel date of the outward and return journey (if applicable, under the same PNR).
  • 9. “Codeshare Flight” refers to a flight operated by a Codeshare Partner in agreement with Fly91 under a codeshare arrangement.
  • 10. “Codeshare Partner” refers to an operating carrier conducting flights with Fly91’s airline designator code.
  • 11. “Conditions of Carriage” comprises these stipulated conditions, constituting a legally binding contract of carriage between Fly91 and a Customer. These conditions are accessible on the Website and are incorporated by reference in the Itinerary provided to a Customer for Bookings made through the Website or Travel Agents, subject to amendments made at Fly91’s discretion.
  • 12. “Connected Segments” includes 2 (two) or more Flight Segments connected through Fly91’s offered connectivity, operated by Fly91 under a common PNR.
  • 13. "Containers" refer to the enclosures in which a Pet is confined during air travel, preventing escape and restricting movement. This includes stalls, pens, cages, crates, boxes, and tins.
  • 14. “Customer” pertains to any person, excluding Fly91’s crew members, being carried or scheduled to be carried on a Fly91 aircraft following a Booking.
  • 15. “Customer GSTIN” refers to the GSTIN stated by a Customer, their authorised representative, or agent during the Booking process.
  • 16. “Damage” comprises death or bodily injury to a Customer, loss, or other damage to a Customer’s Checked-in Baggage, arising in connection with carriage on a Fly91 aircraft or related incidental services provided by Fly91.
  • 17. “DGCA” refers to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.
  • 18. “Electronic Cigarette” or “E-Cigarette” represents an electronic device heating a substance, with or without nicotine and flavours, creating an inhalable aerosol. This includes all forms of electronic nicotine delivery systems, heat-not-burn products (heated tobacco products), electronic hookah, or similar devices, under various names and forms, excluding products licensed under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940.
  • 19. “Emergency Exit Seats” refers to the seats in the 1st row of an ATR 72-600 aircraft.
  • 20. “E-ticket” refers to an Itinerary or any other document issued by Fly91 or a Travel Agent to Customers confirming a Booking in Fly91’s database.
  • 21. “Fit to Fly Certificate” refers to a certificate issued by a medical practitioner indicating a Customer’s fitness to fly in a sitting position.
  • 22. “Flight Segment” refers to a single portion of a Fly91 flight from take-off to landing, as specified on the ticket in terms of origin and destination.
  • 23. “Force Majeure” refers to unforeseen and extraordinary circumstances beyond Fly91’s control, which could not have been prevented despite exercising due care. This includes political instability, natural disasters, pandemics, lockdowns, wars, insurrection, riots, floods, explosions, government regulations, orders, or requirements affecting the aircraft, strikes, labour disputes, air traffic control-related cancellations and delays, meteorological conditions, acts of terrorism, security risks, hostilities, disturbances, critical manpower, parts, or material shortages, mechanical, technical, or operational issues or failures, and other factors beyond Fly91’s control impacting its ability to maintain flight schedules.
  • 24. “Gate No-Show” refers to a Customer who has checked in for an outbound flight but fails to report at the boarding gate at least 25 minutes prior to the departure of the outbound flight.
  • 25. “GST” stands for goods and service tax, an indirect tax imposed on the supply of goods and services, including SGST, CGST, UTGST, IGST, or a combination thereof, along with applicable cess.
  • 26. “GSTIN” refers to a unique goods and services tax identification number issued to individuals duly registered with the relevant government authority.
  • 27. “Hand Baggage” refers to any piece of a Customer’s Baggage, excluding Checked-In Baggage, that a Customer is permitted to carry during a flight, in accordance with the Conditions of Carriage and other applicable laws.
  • 28. “IATA” represents the International Air Transport Association.
  • 29. “IGST” stands for integrated goods and services tax, a component of GST levied on the supply of goods and services in inter-state trade or commerce, governed by the Integrated Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017.
  • 30. “Infant” refers to a child over 7 (seven) days and below 2 (two) years of age on the travel date of the outward and return journey (if applicable, under the same PNR).
  • 31. “INR” refers to Indian Rupees, the lawful currency of India.
  • 32. “Invoice” refers to an invoice issued by Fly91 to a Customer or GSTIN holder concerning a booking, or any other service provided by Fly91 to the Customer, in accordance with GST regulations.
  • 33. “Itinerary” refers to a document issued by Fly91 to a Customer, confirming a Booking and containing the Customer’s name, contact details, flight information, booking reference number, Tariff breakdown, an excerpt of the Conditions of Carriage, and/or a link to these conditions.
  • 34. “Medical Information Form” refers to an assessment of a Customer’s fitness for air travel conducted by an attending physician.
  • 35. “No-Show” refers to a Customer who has made a Booking but fails to check in for their outbound flight at least 45 (forty-five) minutes prior to departure and neglects to cancel their Booking.
  • 36. “No-Show Charges” indicate the portion of the Tariff that Fly91 will retain in the event of a No-Show, excluding Airport Charges. Airport Charges may be refunded to Customers in accordance with the Conditions of Carriage.
  • 37. “On-hold Booking” refers to a Booking made by a Customer through any Booking channel, including airport counters and the Website, which is temporarily reserved and confirmed upon the Customer’s payment within the specified timeframe indicated by Fly91 during the Booking. Failure to make the payment within this period results in the cancellation of the Booking.
  • 38. “Passenger Service Fee” or “PSF” refers to the fee collected by Fly91 from each Customer making a Booking per Sector on behalf of the airport operators, at the prevailing rate.
  • 39. “Persons with Disabilities” refers to individuals as defined in DGCA CAR, Section 3, Series M, Part I, Issue III.
  • 40. “Persons with Reduced Mobility” or “PRM” refers to individuals as defined in DGCA CAR, Section 3, Series M, Part I, Issue III.
  • 41. “Pets” include domesticated cats and dogs.
  • 42. “PNR” refers to a Passenger Name Record, a unique Booking reference number identifying a Booking in Fly91’s database for a Flight Segment or a combination of Flight Segments.
  • 43. “Points of Sale” represents the Website, Fly91’s airport counters, and Travel Agents.
  • 44. “Regulatory Authority” refers to any statutory, government, or quasi-judicial commission, court, or authority (at Union, State, or local levels) incorporated under a statute or functioning within the purview of applicable laws.
  • 45. “Sector” refers to operations between the board point and any subsequent off points within the same flight.
  • 46. “SGST” stands for state goods and services tax, a component of GST levied on the supply of goods and services in intra-state trade or commerce, regulated by the State Goods and Service Tax Act of the respective states in India.
  • 47. “Stopover” refers to a scheduled halt during a Customer’s journey at a point between the place of departure and the place of destination.
  • 48. “Tariff” refers to the determined and published fare by Fly91, including applicable taxes, fees, and surcharges, and Airport Charges.
  • 49. “Tariff Types” refers to various types of Tariffs offered by Fly91 to Customers, including regular fares, fares for small and medium enterprises, and other discounted fares offered from time to time.
  • 50. “Travel Agent” refers to a third-party travel agency making Bookings on behalf of Customers for air travel and ancillary services on Fly91 flights, accepting consideration for the same from Customers. It's important to note that a Travel Agent operates independently, facilitating Bookings, and is not a representative of Fly91.
  • 51. “Unaccompanied Minor” refers to a child between 6 (six) and 12 (twelve) years of age on the travel date, not accompanied by a Customer aged 18 (years) or more on the date of travel.
  • 52. “User Development Fee” or “UDF” stands for the user development fee levied by an airport operator, collected by Fly91 at prevailing rates from arriving or departing Customers, as applicable.
  • 53. “UTGST” refers to union territory goods and services tax leviable on the supply of goods and services in trade or commerce within any of the union territories of India, regulated by the Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017.
  • 54. “we”/ “our”/ “ourselves”/ “us”/ “Carrier”/ “Fly91” refers to Just Udo Aviation Private Limited.
  • 55. “Website” refers to the Fly91 website, including, enabling Customers to make Bookings and access information about Fly91.
  • The heading or title of every section within the Conditions of Carriage is provided for ease of reference and may be disregarded for the purpose of understanding.
  • Any mentions of Civil Aviation Requirements (CARs) issued by the DGCA in this set of Conditions of Carriage shall pertain to the most current iteration of these CARs, inclusive of all pertinent revisions or reiterations, as appropriate. In the event of any modifications or reiterations of a CAR pertaining to any subject covered herein, such alterations or restatements shall be considered as included in these Conditions of Carriage.
  • These Conditions of Carriage are applicable exclusively to the departure and arrival points of a Flight Segment within India.
Conditions prevailing the Conditions of Carriage
  • These Conditions of Carriage apply, except in cases where they conflict with Fly91 Tariffs or the applicable law. In such cases, the Tariffs or relevant applicable laws will take precedence.
  • Should any provision of these Conditions of Carriage be deemed invalid under any applicable law, the remaining provisions will remain valid notwithstanding the invalid provision.
  • Unless stipulated otherwise in these Conditions of Carriage, if there is a conflict between these Conditions of Carriage and any other regulations established by Fly91 concerning specific matters, these Conditions of Carriage will take precedence.
Bookings - General Provisions | Changes and Cancellations

1. General Provisions

  • 1.1 The ‘Booking’ constitutes initial evidence of the contract of carriage (except in the case of On-Hold Booking) between Fly91 and the Customer named in the Booking according to Fly91’s database. Fly91 will allow carriage solely to the Customer(s) named in the Booking, subject to (i) valid proof of identification being presented at the time of travel by the respective Customer as mandated by Regulatory Authorities; and (ii) any other requirements imposed by law, regulations, or Fly91’s policies.
  • 1.2 To ensure that a Customer is travelling on a valid ticket issued in their name, and to facilitate the efficient movement of Customers, any of the following documents, carried in original, shall serve as proof of identity for a bona fide Customer:
    • Passport.
    • Voter photo identity card issued by the Election Commission of India.
    • Aadhaar or m-Aadhaar issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India.
    • PAN card issued by the Income Tax Department.
    • Driving licence issued by the Regional Transport Offices.
    • Service photo identity card issued by State or Central Government, public sector undertakings, local bodies, or public limited companies.
    • Student photo identity cards issued by Government Institutions/Government recognized educational institutions.
    • Nationalised bank passbook with attested photograph.
    • Pension card or any other pension-related documents having a photograph of the Customer.
    • Photo identity cards or medical certificates issued to differently abled Customers by the Governments of respective States or Union Territories.
  • 1.3 An Unaccompanied Minor is required to produce any valid proof of identity listed above.
  • 1.4. If a Customer is unable to produce any of the documents listed above as proof of their identity, an identity certificate issued by a Group A Gazetted Officer of the Central or State Government on official letterhead, with the Customer's duly attested photograph, will be valid for this purpose.
  • 1.5. An Itinerary detailing the booked flights, any added ancillary services and a break-up of the booking amount paid, along with the Boarding Pass is emailed to the Customer's email address after completing a Booking. A Booking in Fly91’s official database is the primary record of carriage. In case of any discrepancy or conflict between an Itinerary and/or a Boarding Pass, and a Booking in Fly91’s official database, the Booking from Fly91’s official database will take precedence.
  • 1.6. Some Bookings may be made at discounted Tariffs, which might be partially or completely non-refundable.
  • 1.7. Bookings and corresponding payments may be made at any Point of Sale. All Customers making Bookings at Points of Sale are deemed to have agreed to be bound by the Conditions of Carriage. If a Customer makes a Booking through a Travel Agent, the Customer shall have the right to request the Conditions of Carriage from the Travel Agent. Additionally, the Customer has the right to request a link to the Conditions of Carriage in the Itinerary. Any losses, claims, or damages incurred due to such discrepancy shall be borne entirely by the Travel Agent.
  • 1.8. A Booking is valid from the date it was made until the last travel date specified in the Booking. The Bookings or parts thereof, where relevant Customers fail to travel or check-in as per the terms of the Booking, are non-refundable and will expire in accordance with these Conditions of Carriage.
  • 1.9. Fly91 accepts various forms of payment, such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, and wallet, as determined by Fly91 from time to time. The use of these forms of payment is governed by the terms and conditions framed by the respective payment platforms. Fly91 does not accept cheques as a mode of payment for Bookings.
  • 1.10. A Customer must ensure that the full payment of the Tariff against a particular PNR is successfully received by Fly91 at the time of making a Booking, at any Points of Sale. If Fly91’s Booking system does not acknowledge the receipt of payment due to any technical error or non-receipt of payment from the bank or any default of payment for any reason whatsoever, Fly91 shall not be held responsible for the carriage of the said Customer(s) under the said PNR, or for any liability thereof. If any payment is received by Fly91’s Booking system for any Booking, and such payment is found to be or suspected to have been made fraudulently or unlawfully, Fly91 shall have the absolute right and discretion to reverse such payment and/or cancel such Booking. Customers acknowledge and accept that in such a situation, Fly91 shall not be held responsible for the carriage of the said Customer(s) under the said Booking, or for any liability thereof.
  • 1.11. Where cash is used as the mode of payment for Bookings made at Fly91’s airport counters, such payments are subject to an overall limit of Rupees INR 1,99,999 (One Lakh Ninety-Nine Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine) against any 1 (one) PNR. Any payments in excess of this overall limit will be accepted subject to declaration of PAN details. Such transactions, as per regulations, may need to be reported to relevant authorities for records.
  • 1.12. A Customer holding a GSTIN may provide the details of the GSTIN held by them to Fly91, either directly or through their representative or Travel Agent, at the commencement of the Booking process and before the generation of the PNR. The Customer shall be solely responsible for the validity and correctness of the GSTIN in the Booking. Fly91 will not assume any responsibility for verifying the validity and correctness of the Customer GSTIN. If a Customer has not mentioned the GSTIN in the Booking or has mentioned an invalid or incorrect GSTIN, Fly91 will not be held responsible and will not accommodate any request for inclusion or change in the Customer GSTIN in the Booking. The applicable GST will be charged to a Customer based on the Customer’s GSTIN and the Airline GSTIN relevant for the Booking. Only 1 (one) Customer GSTIN can be mentioned against 1 (one) PNR.
  • 1.13. If a Booking has been made by a Customer who is a GSTIN holder, an Invoice shall be sent in the name and to the email address of the GSTIN holder, within 30 (thirty) days of the Booking. Invoices shall be denominated in INR, even in cases where the payment is made in a currency other than INR. However, if a Customer does not declare their GSTIN, an Invoice shall be issued and sent to the email address provided against the name of the first Customer, as provided at the time of the Booking within 30 (thirty) days of the Booking.
  • 1.14. If there is any change in a Booking by a Customer, the Customer will receive an Invoice for the total Tariff paid by the Customer for the revised Booking.
  • 1.15. For bookings cancelled by the Customer, a Credit Note will be sent to the customer.
  • 1.16. A purchase receipt for on-board sale of food, beverages, and merchandise (pre-booked and cash sale on-board) shall be issued to such Customer at the time of such sale.
  • 1.17. GST may also be applicable on any special services requested by Customers, at applicable rates, in accordance with applicable law.
  • 1.18. Usage of cards issued outside India as a mode of payment for Bookings are subject to transaction verification by the payment gateway. If a payment transaction is not verified, the transaction may fail and Customers would be required to make the payment towards such Bookings by any of the prescribed alternative modes of payment, within the timelines prescribed by Fly91, failing which the payment transaction may be cancelled.
  • 1.19. It is mandatory for Customers whose Bookings have been paid for using cards to carry the original card or a copy of the card used for making the Booking signed by the holder of such card, at the time of check-in.
  • 1.20. For bookings done using Special Passenger Types, namely, Student, Military, Armed Forces and Senior Citizens, it is mandatory to produce a valid identification proof at the check-in counter or boarding gate in order to validate the profession and/or age eligibility. Fly91 reserves the right to levy a penalty or deny boarding in case such a passenger is unable to provide the requisite documentation.
  • 1.21. Fly91 strongly recommends that Customers check their Itineraries for accuracy and verify all necessary particulars incorporated in the Itineraries immediately after making a Booking, and in any event, not beyond a period of 24 (twenty-four) hours from the time of Booking.
  • 1.22. The Checked-in Baggage allowance, Hand Baggage allowance, fees for changing or cancelling the Booking, and other terms and conditions in relation to various Tariff Types can be accessed in the Tariff Sheet published on the Fly91 Website. The terms and conditions in relation to Tariff Types shall be an integral part of the Conditions of Carriage and are incorporated here by reference.
  • 1.23. All timings displayed on tickets, itineraries, boarding passes, and any other document issued by Fly91 are indicated in the 24-hour format.

2. Purchase an Extra Seat

Purchasing an extra seat on a flight involves securing an additional seat beyond the standard one assigned to a passenger. This choice is made to ensure personal space, comfort, or to accommodate specific needs, such as fragile luggage or musical instruments. By purchasing an extra seat, passengers have the advantage of more room, increased comfort, and a better overall flight experience.

  • An Extra Seat can be purchased only during the initial booking and cannot be added at a later time to an existing booking. An Extra Seat is subject to availability.
  • The Basic Fare for the original seat and an Extra Seat is the same when purchased together. The Extra Seat Fare excludes airport levies.
  • Passengers buying an Extra Seat are entitled to 15 Kgs of free check-in baggage allowance. Additional charges may apply for excess baggage.
  • An Extra Seat cannot be bought on a Fly91 Codeshare Flight or an Interline Booking.
  • Refund of an Extra Seat is subject to the Fly91 cancellation policy as outlined in Condition 3.
  • In the event of a ‘No-Show’ or ‘Gate No-Show’, the Extra Seat will be non-refundable.

3. Changes and Cancellations

  • 3.1. Following the completion of a Booking, only the paid Tariff can be considered for a refund, subject to Fly91’s policies on changes or cancellations and in adherence to the provisions outlined in these Conditions of Carriage.
  • 3.2. Fly91 permits alterations or cancellations to Bookings, abiding by the subsequent conditions:
    • Changes to or cancellations of Bookings must be initiated at least 2 (two) hours prior to the scheduled departure time.
    • Fly91 shall impose a fee for a change/cancellation (inclusive of any relevant taxes) according to the conditions agreed upon at the time of Booking, in compliance with DGCA CAR - Section 3, Series M, Part II, Issue I and as per the applicable Tariff Type. The aforementioned fee will be subtracted from the total amount paid during Booking, and any residual amount resulting from cancellations will be reimbursed to Customers.
  • 3.3. In the event of a modified Booking, the refundable amount may be adjusted against the Tariff required for the Customer’s updated Booking. Alterations to a Booking will adhere to the Tariff applicable at the time of the alteration, and a revised Invoice will be issued to the Customer during such alterations to the Booking. If the residual amount is less than the cost of the updated Booking, Customers will be expected to pay the difference. However, in cases of Booking alterations or cancellations due to Force Majeure, Customers recognize that Fly91 will determine the manner in which such refunds are to be processed.
  • 3.4. No fees for alterations or cancellations will be retained by Fly91 if a Customer modifies or cancels a Booking within 24 (twenty-four) hours of its creation, provided the Booking is for a flight departing no sooner than 7 (seven) days from the date of Booking. Customers have the freedom to adjust or cancel their Bookings within 24 (twenty-four) hours of making the Booking, in accordance with the applicable law. However, any alterations to a Booking will necessitate Customers to cover any increase between the Tariff of the initial Booking and the revised Booking.
  • 3.5. Fly91 does not permit alterations in the name once a Booking is finalised. However, minor corrections in the spelling of a Customer’s name, subject to submission of a valid Identification document, may be made within 24 (twenty-four) hours of making the Booking without incurring additional charges, by contacting Fly91.
  • 3.6. In the case of all Codeshare Flights, Fly91 will not entertain requests for alterations in the name once a Booking is made, if the relevant Codeshare Partner prohibits such name changes after the Booking is made, and the Customer’s Itinerary includes a Codeshare Flight.
  • 3.7. Should a Customer opt for a refund, after deduction of the applicable fee, the refund will be processed as follows:
    • For Bookings made on the Website, refunds will be credited to the credit cards, debit cards, UPI, bank accounts, or wallets (as appropriate) used for the Booking and will reflect within 7 (seven) working days from the date of the refund request. The refunds will be processed back through the instrument used for the Booking (excluding cash).
    • For Bookings made through Travel Agents, refunds will be credited to the account of the respective Travel Agent, and Customers may claim such refunds from the respective Travel Agent within 30 (thirty) working days from the date of Booking cancellation, or within such other timeframe as stipulated under applicable law.
  • 3.8. A refund initiated by Fly91 in compliance with the terms outlined in these Conditions of Carriage will be deemed a proper refund to Customers, signifying that Fly91 has taken all reasonable actions within its capacity to fulfil its obligations/responsibilities under applicable laws and the Conditions of Carriage. This will release Fly91 from any further liability and any further claim for a refund from any Customer.
  • 3.9. Fly91 will process refunds either to the individual who made the payment for the Booking or the relevant Travel Agent. Refund to a person not named in a Booking, should a need arise, will be processed upon submission of satisfactory proof to Fly91 indicating that such person is entitled to receive a refund.
  • 3.10. A refund processed in the manner defined in this Condition will release Fly91 from any liability and any further claim for a refund from any person.
  • 3.11. All refunds will be made in INR, after deducting any applicable fees and charges.
Tariff | Taxes, Fees, and Charges | Currency

1. Tariff

  • 1.1. The Tariff is applicable for carriage solely between the airport at the departure point and the airport at the destination point, unless explicitly stated otherwise. It does not include ground transportation services between airports or between airports and urban terminals.
  • 1.2. The Tariff to be paid by a Customer will be computed in compliance with Fly91’s prevailing Tariff at the time of payment for a Booking. The Tariff, payable by the Customer to Fly91 for each Booking per leg of the journey, includes the subsequent components:
    • The basic fare set by Fly91,
    • GST and other government-imposed taxes,
    • Fly91's prescribed charges, including fuel costs,
    • Costs associated with supplementary services availed by Customers,
    • Fees and charges mandated by the government and airports, including development fees and Common User Terminal Equipment (“CUTE”), and
    • Service fees or any other applicable charges imposed by Fly91.
  • 1.3. These elements of the Tariff are subject to alteration at any juncture, without prior notification.
  • 1.4. Any modifications to the Booking or travel dates may result in an alteration of the applicable Tariff to be remitted.
  • 1.5. Special Tariffs are bound to specific additional terms and conditions, including the necessity for Customers to present supplementary proof of identity. If a Booking is executed under a special Tariff, barring the particulars outlined in the appended terms and conditions pertinent to such special Tariff, the Booking remains subject to the Conditions of Carriage.
  • 1.6. All classifications of Tariffs are established and quoted in Indian Rupees (INR) and may be subject to modification without prior notification. Once purchased, the Tariff remains unaltered subsequent to the completion of a Booking. However, if a Customer requests alterations to their Booking, a revised Tariff may apply to the amended Booking.
  • 1.7. Fuel charges are subject to fluctuations depending on the Sector, the Booking date, and the actual travel date.

2. Taxes, Fees, and Charges

  • 2.1. The total taxes, including GST, fees, or charges pertinent to a Customer, are computed based on the date of the Booking. If there is an alteration in an existing tax, fee, or charge, or the introduction of a new one post the Booking date, the Customer is not obligated to pay any additional sum (in case of an increase) or entitled to a refund (in case of a decrease), unless the Customer opts to modify the travel date necessitating a change in the Booking or re-booking. Under specific exceptional circumstances, Customers might need to remit additional tax, fee, or charge (including Airport Charges) after completing a Booking, if such a sum is mandated to be remitted to a Regulatory Authority relating to the Booking, following any modifications in the applicable legislation.
  • 2.2. Fly91 collects a convenience fee per Customer per Flight Segment, for all Bookings made as outlined in the Tariff Sheet available on the Fly91 website. The convenience fees paid by Customers to Fly91 are non-refundable.
  • 2.3. CUTE and RCS are exclusive of GST.
  • 2.4. ADF and UDF are inclusive of GST.
  • 2.5. Fly91 may periodically provide certain additional services to Customers, for which specific extra fees may be imposed by Fly91.

3. Currency

  • Fly91 establishes, specifies, and presents Tariff exclusively in INR. However, to facilitate Customers, fares, relevant taxes, Fees, and charges can also be settled in the currency selected by a Customer or a Travel Agent during the Booking process, if Fly91 permits payments in that particular currency. The choice of currency for payment is limited to the options provided by Fly91. It's important to note that the Tariff amount, Fees, any additional charges, and applicable taxes in certain currencies (other than INR) are determined and set by Fly91 and may not equate to the value obtained by converting these amounts to INR using the prevailing exchange rate at the time of Booking.
Bookings - Requirements | Personal Data

1. Requirements

  • Specific Tariffs come with terms that restrict or exclude a Customer's ability to modify or cancel Bookings.
  • The Customer holds the responsibility of ensuring that accurate contact details (such as a valid mobile number and email address) are furnished to Fly91 during Booking, either directly by the Customer or via the Customer's Travel Agent, for each destination in the Customer's Itinerary, including the appropriate country and area codes. This action aids Fly91 in:
    • Updating Customers regarding any alterations related to their booked flight.
    • Generating Invoices for Customers; and
    • Furnishing other pertinent information to Customers.

2. Personal Data

  • Customers acknowledge that personal information has been provided to Fly91 concerning Bookings and for additional services or products that may be offered periodically by Fly91 or its affiliated service partners. Customers consent to the utilisation of such personal information by Fly91 or its service partners for purposes including prevention of credit card, debit card, or identity fraud, and enhancement of the Customer experience with Fly91. In this regard, Customers grant Fly91 permission to retain and utilise this data, as well as to share it with Fly91’s Travel Agents, government agencies, Regulatory Authorities, other carriers, service providers, and other authorised third parties. Customers are also aware that Fly91 or its service partners may reach out to them via email or phone to provide updates on their Booking status, which may include changes to the Booking, additional services, or promotional offers.
Check-in | Seating Arrangements | Auto Check-in | Boarding | Failure to Comply

1. Check-in

  • 1.1. Alongside other relevant requirements of respective airports, a Customer will not be permitted to board a Fly91 flight without presenting a valid Itinerary or boarding pass (either in printed form or electronically on their mobile/tablet/computer), duly issued in accordance with the Conditions of Carriage.
  • 1.2. All Customers, regardless of age (including Infants and Children), must provide an original valid identification document as outlined in Condition 5.1.2 during the check-in process.
  • 1.3. Customers who fail to provide any of the aforementioned documents during the check-in/boarding process will be refused boarding by Fly91. Fly91 shall not bear any liability for such denial or any subsequent consequences.
  • 1.4. Fly91 recommends that Customers reach the Fly91 check-in counters at least 2 (two) hours prior to the scheduled flight departure.
  • 1.5. For Bookings involving 2 (two) or more Sectors under different PNRs, it is the Customer's responsibility to ensure an adequate time interval between the two flights, considering potential factors such as a change in aircraft, flight delays or cancellations, Checked-in Baggage matters, operational challenges, or carrier changes at a Stopover. If a Customer misses their connecting flight due to these circumstances or factors during a preceding Flight Segment, Fly91 shall not be held accountable for the missed connection in any manner.

2. Seat Selection and Emergency Exit Seats

2.1. Fly91 allows customers to choose their seats (including Emergency Exit Rows, subject to passenger consent to the below listed conditions) during the auto check-in process at the time of completing the booking. Please note that a Seat Fee may apply to certain seats across the aircraft. Passengers may opt to either purchase the seats available as per their choice, or opt for any available free seat, or alternatively, opt for random free seat assignment by the system. At any point in time, Fly91 cannot guarantee adjacent seats, or seats in the same row or in any preferential sequence for 2 or more passengers travelling together unless such seats are blocked or purchased basis availability at the time of making the booking.

Emergency Exit Seats are available to Customers who:

  • Are able-bodied.
  • Are above 15 years of age on the date of travel.
  • Are not expectant mothers.
  • Are not classified as invalid (as defined in DGCA CAR - Section 8, Series O, Part VIII, Issue I)
  • Are not temporarily affected by an illness that impairs mobility.
  • Can:
    • Locate the emergency exit.
    • Recognize the emergency exit opening mechanism.
    • Understand the instructions for operating the emergency exit.
    • Operate the emergency exit.
    • Follow oral directions and hand signals given by a crew member.
    • Stow or secure the emergency exit door to allow use of the exit.
    • Swiftly move through the emergency exit
    • Assess, choose, and follow a safe path away/to the emergency exit.
    • Are not travelling with an infant.

2.2. Fly91 has the discretion to assign Emergency Exit Seats and other seats to Customers, considering prescribed security standards and the safety and comfort of all Customers on the flight.

2.3. If a Customer, who pre-booked an Emergency Exit Seat, does not meet the safety criteria for occupying such a seat, they may be requested to change their seat.

3. Auto Check-in

  • 3.1. Customers can utilise the Website to book a flight at any time up to 1 (one) hour prior to the scheduled departure of their flights. Once a booking is paid for and confirmed, passengers are auto checked-in for their flights and a Boarding Pass is issued immediately once the booking is completed.
  • 3.2. It is the responsibility of Customers to ensure that the Baggage Identification Tag for their Checked-in Baggage is issued at least 45 (Forty-Five) minutes before the scheduled departure time of their flight. Failure to perform flight check-in and/or failure to deposit Checked-in Baggage at Fly91’s Check-in counters at least 45 (Forty-Five) minutes before the scheduled departure will lead to the retention of No-Show Charges by Fly91, and the Customer will be categorised as a “No-Show”.
  • 3.3. The Customer is obligated to present any of the original documents confirming their identity as listed in Condition 5.1.2 at the check-in counters or at the boarding gate (as directed by Fly91) for validation.
  • 3.4. Fly91 holds the right to refuse boarding to a Customer who does not comply with the check-in requirements and specified timelines outlined herein.

4. Boarding

  • 4.1. Fly91 staff members will conduct an identity verification process at the boarding gate/airport counter. During this verification, Customers must furnish any of the documents as specified in Condition 5.1.2. Failure to provide these documents will result in Fly91 denying boarding to the Customers, and Fly91 shall not be held accountable for this denial or any ensuing consequences.
  • 4.2. To ensure timely departure, boarding gates will close 25 (twenty-five) minutes before the scheduled departure time. Customers must arrive at the boarding gate no later than the time indicated during check-in or any subsequent announcements made at the airport. Simply checking in or receiving a boarding pass does not guarantee boarding unless a Customer complies with all the requirements, including the specified timelines for boarding in the Conditions of Carriage. Customers comprehend and accept that such announcements may be communicated only if there is a change in the boarding gate or a modification in the boarding schedule. These announcements may be made verbally via the airport sound systems or through displays/notifications on digital screens provided by the airport authorities. Fly91 is not obligated to make boarding announcements at airports categorised as ‘silent’ airports. It is the responsibility of Customers to check the flight information display system (managed by the airport operator) for the current boarding status and boarding gate details. Customers also understand and acknowledge that Fly91 or its staff is not obliged to contact them if they fail to be present at the boarding gate in the manner specified in these Conditions of Carriage. Fly91 bears no liability towards any Customer who fails to report to the boarding gate for any reason. Customers failing to report to the boarding gate within the mentioned timelines will be considered a “Gate No-Show”.

5. DigiYatra

With the aim of ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has introduced DigiYatra, an initiative designed to facilitate paperless travel for passengers. This means passengers are no longer required to present physical tickets or boarding passes at different checkpoints, ultimately expediting the processing times and enhancing the overall journey.

To enrol in DigiYatra, passengers need to follow the steps outlined below:

  • Download the DigiYatra App from the Android or Apple store and use your Aadhaar-linked mobile number for registration.
  • Link your Aadhaar through Digi Locker. If you're not already registered with Digi Locker, please complete the registration using your Aadhaar number. It's crucial to ensure that your Aadhaar name matches your flight ticket details.
  • Capture a clear selfie, validate it with your Aadhaar, and securely save the provided credentials.
  • Add your boarding pass to the DigiYatra App before your flight and await confirmation.

Alternatively, you can register for DigiYatra at designated registration kiosks located at selected airports by following these steps:

  • Scan your boarding pass at the kiosk.
  • Complete the facial registration process.
  • Present a valid government-issued photo ID proof.
  • Proceed to the designated DigiYatra e-gates at various checkpoints.

6. Failure to Comply

  • 6.1. Fly91 will not hold any liability towards Customers for damages, liabilities, losses, delays, or expenses arising from their non-compliance with the provisions outlined in Condition 8.
Refusal and Limitation of Carriage and Special/Disability Assistance

1. Customer’s Responsibility

A solo travelling Customer should possess the capability to independently perform the following actions:

  • Securing and unfastening the seat belt.
  • Wearing an oxygen mask.
  • Removing and wearing a life jacket.
  • Moving from their seat to reach an Emergency Exit Seat.
  • In particular cases, Fly91 places special emphasis and recommends that certain Customers, such as Persons with Disabilities and Persons with Reduced Mobility, consider travelling with a safety assistant due to safety concerns.

2. Right to Refuse Carriage

Fly91 reserves the right to deny the carriage of a Customer or their Baggage under the following circumstances, based on its sole discretion, if:

  • Such action is essential to adhere to applicable laws, regulations, or orders.
  • The Customer's conduct, mental or physical condition, or the state of the Customer's Baggage is such that:
    • It raises reasonable concerns of harm or jeopardy to the safety and security of other Customers, Fly91's crew, the aircraft, or general safety.
    • The Customer or the Customer's Baggage may pose a hazard or risk to themselves, other individuals, or any property, Fly91's crew, the aircraft, or general safety.
    • The Customer has engaged in misconduct on a previous flight, and there is a reasonable likelihood that such conduct may be repeated.
    • The Customer does not comply with Fly91's or its crew's instructions.
    • The applicable Tariff, Fees, other charges, or applicable taxes payable by the Customer have not been paid.
    • Payment information or credit/debit card details provided by the Customer are incorrect/unverified, a Booking has been made
    • fraudulently or unlawfully, or has been made by a person not authorised by Fly91 to make a Booking.
    • The Customer does not possess proper and adequate travel documentation.
    • The Customer fails to complete the check-in formalities or boarding requirements or arrive at the boarding gate within the stipulated timeline.
    • The Booking has been altered by a party other than Fly91 or its Travel Agents.
    • The person checking-in or boarding cannot prove that they are the Customer named in the Booking.
    • The Customer's Checked-in Baggage contains a power bank, or any other item prohibited to be carried as part of Checked-in Baggage.
    • The Customer is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or is intoxicated or declared as unruly or disruptive as per Condition 9.4.
    • The Customer is suffering from any ailment or disease that could risk the health, safety, and security of the said Customer, other Customers, or Fly91's crew.
    • The Customer (if falling under the special/disabled category) fails to comply with the mandatory requirements of Condition 9.5.

3. Denied Boarding

  • 3.1. On occasion, certain Fly91 flights may experience overbooking due to commercial, operational, or technical reasons, such as optimising seating capacity or changing the aircraft from a higher to lower capacity, resulting in Fly91 denying boarding to specific Customers with confirmed Bookings, as per Para 3.2 of DGCA CAR - Section 3, Series M, Part IV, Issue I.
  • 3.2. In the event outlined in Condition 9.3.1 above, Fly91 will attempt to find volunteers among Customers with Bookings willing to surrender their Bookings, allowing other Customers with Bookings to board. Fly91 will accommodate these volunteering Customers on an available alternate flight and may offer discretionary benefits or facilities. If sufficient volunteers are not found for an overbooked flight, Fly91 reserves the absolute right and discretion to deny boarding to certain Customers based on their check-in sequence or other parameters decided by Fly91, except for the following categories of Customers:
    • Unaccompanied Minors.
    • Safety assistants.
    • Expectant mothers.
    • Persons with Disabilities or Persons with Reduced Mobility.
    • Customers using or requiring wheelchairs, crutches, braces, prosthetic devices, or special assistance.
    • Customers with limited mobility due to injured or fractured limbs or other disabilities.
    • Customers with psychiatric disabilities or mental disorders.
    • Customers with certain adverse medical conditions, as determined by Fly91.
    • Other Customers accompanying any of the aforementioned persons, who, in Fly91's discretion, should not be denied boarding considering specific circumstances.
  • 3.3. Compensation for Denied Boarding:
    • Fly91 will provide compensation to Customers denied boarding, as per Para 3.2 of DGCA CAR - Section 3, Series M, Part IV, Issue I, and Fly91's liability will be limited in accordance with its provisions, subject to Conditions 9.3.3(2) and 9.3.3(3). Fly91 is not liable to pay compensation if an alternate flight (subject to availability) is arranged by Fly91, departing within 1 (one) hour of the original scheduled departure time.
    • Customers booked on connecting flights of Fly91 or any other airline under a common PNR will be compensated by Fly91 only for the first leg of such connection if they experience a delay due to denied boarding and arrive at the final destination at least 3 (three) hours later than the scheduled arrival time.
    • Fly91 is not obligated to compensate a Customer travelling on a connecting flight if they arrive at the final destination within 3 (three) hours of the scheduled arrival time despite a delay in the first leg.
    • If a Customer is denied boarding in a subsequent leg of a connecting flight, the operating airline of that leg shall compensate the Customer as per Para 3.2 of DGCA CAR - Section 3, Series M, Part IV, Issue I.
  • 3.4. The following situations are not considered denied boarding due to overbooked flights and are not eligible for compensation under Condition 9.3.3:

4. Guidelines on Disruptive and/or Unruly Behaviour by any Person

  • 4.1. A Person who violates conduct rules at an airport or onboard an aircraft, disobeys airport staff or crew instructions, and disrupts order or discipline will be regarded as Unruly.
  • 4.2. According to The Aircraft Rules, 1937, no person should engage in any activity that:
    • Puts the safety and security of an aircraft or its operation at risk.
    • Causes interference with the normal functioning of safety facilities for aircraft operation.
    • Hinders or distracts a person entrusted with responsibilities for ensuring safe aircraft operation.
  • 4.3. No Person shall engage in the following actions while onboard a Fly91 aircraft:
    • Assault, intimidate, or threaten, physically or verbally, a pilot, a crew member, or any Fly91 staff on duty, which could hinder their duties or compromise safety.
    • Refuse to follow instructions from the Pilot-in-Command or on behalf of the Pilot-in-Command given by a crew member or Fly91 staff to ensure safety or maintain order on board.
    • Assault, intimidate, threaten another person physically or verbally, intentionally damage Fly91 property, or consume substances endangering safety or discipline on the aircraft.
    • If any Person is found harassing, assaulting, intimidating, or threatening any Fly91 employee, including crew members, Fly91, reserves the right to remove the Person from the flight and file a complaint with relevant authorities.
  • 4.4. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the aircraft and in its vicinity.
  • 4.5. Tampering with aircraft or its equipment is prohibited, including USB ports, tray tables, life vests, and seat belts, or engaging in disorderly conduct within and around the aircraft that might jeopardise safety of the aircraft, its Customers, or crew.
  • 4.6. Mobile phones in flight mode can be used throughout the flight. The use of other personal electronic devices (PEDs) like laptops and electronic entertainment devices is permitted only during cruising, as directed by the crew.
  • 4.7. If a Person's behaviour (at the airport or on an aircraft) poses a threat to the safety of other people, crew members, or Fly91 staff on duty or violates any applicable law, crew members or Fly91 staff on duty may take necessary measures, including restraint, to prevent the continuation of such conduct. Such a Person may be disembarked and refused further carriage at any point. Fly91 may file a criminal complaint against the Person at the airport where (a) the incident occurs or (b) where a Pilot-in-Command chooses to land (if the incident occurs on board a flight).
  • 4.8. If a Customer, within the airport or on the aircraft, engages in behaviour that:
    • Endangers the safety and security of the aircraft, Fly91's personnel, or any other person or property within the airport or on-board,
    • Hinders the crew in performing their duties, or
    • Fails to adhere to crew instructions, including, but not limited to complying with the rules regarding tobacco consumption, smoking, alcohol, or drug use, or
    • Causes discomfort, inconvenience, damage, or harm to other Customers or the crew, then,
    • Fly91 may take appropriate actions deemed reasonably necessary to halt such conduct, including restraining the individual.
    • Such Customers may be asked to disembark and may be refused further travel at any point. Additionally, they may face legal prosecution for any offences committed at the airport or on the aircraft, as applicable.

5. Payment of Diversion Costs

If Fly91 deems it necessary to divert the aircraft to offload a Customer due to the behaviour outlined in Condition 9.4, the Customer will be responsible for covering all associated costs arising from that diversion.

6. Persons with Disabilities or Persons with Reduced Mobility

  • 6.1. Individuals with Disabilities or Reduced Mobility must inform Fly91 of their needs, if any, at least 48 hours prior to their flight's scheduled departure. This allows Fly91 to make necessary arrangements for:
    • Assistance during embarkation and disembarkation. Fly91 should be notified of the type and extent of assistance needed by the Customer.
    • Mobility aids and assistive devices that need to be carried by Fly91, either as Hand Baggage or Checked-in Baggage. The necessity for an escort or safety assistant.
  • 6.2. Fly91 may, at its discretion, provide the aforementioned assistance to Customers. Fly91 may also consult medical professionals and other experts appointed by Fly91 before providing such assistance.
  • 6.3. Fly91 will not request medical certificates or special forms from Individuals with Disabilities or Reduced Mobility who wish to travel without an escort and only require special assistance at an airport for embarkation/disembarkation and reasonable accommodation during the flight.
  • 6.4. Special/disability assistance may be extended to the following types of Customers:
    • Customers travelling with Infants.
    • Unaccompanied Minors.
    • Expectant mothers.
    • Safety assistants.
    • Persons with Disabilities or Reduced Mobility.
    • Customers travelling with a Guide/Service dog.
    • Customers needing mobility assistance.
    • Customers using wheelchairs, crutches, braces, or other prosthetic devices.
    • Customers with psychiatric or emotional disorders.
    • Customers with autism or intellectual disability.
    • Customers fitted with internal medical devices.
    • Customers carrying portable oxygen concentrators (“POC”).
    • Customers with specific adverse medical conditions, as determined by Fly91.
  • 6.5. Limitations - Due to restrictions on the maximum number of Individuals with Disabilities or Reduced Mobility that can be accommodated on a flight, Fly91 may, despite its best efforts, deny bookings if the maximum number has been reached on a particular flight.
  • 6.6. Seating and Aircraft Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities/Reduced Mobility:
    • Fly91 will allocate accessible seats to such Customers at no additional cost. These seats will be blocked until as close to the scheduled departure time as possible. The seats have movable armrests for easy access. However, for safety reasons outlined in DGCA CAR - Section 3, Series M, Part I, Issue III, Individuals with Reduced Mobility that could obstruct emergency exits or crew duties or hinder aircraft evacuation during an emergency will not be given seats in such locations. Fly91 reserves the right to change the seats of Customers who do not meet the parameters set out in Condition 7.3.
    • Each aircraft is equipped with a lavatory with a single-panel door and additional grab bars. The cabin crew can assist in moving to and from the lavatory door but cannot assist the Customer inside the lavatory.
  • 6.7. Customers Requiring Medical Clearance:

    The following Customers must complete a Medical Information Form:

    • Persons with contagious or communicable diseases.
    • Persons with conditions that may adversely affect their health during the flight and safety procedures.
    • Persons requiring medical attention or special equipment during the flight, such as POC, CPAP machines, ventilators, BiPAP, suction machines, and pulse oximeters.
    • Persons travelling in an incubator.
    • Persons needing medical oxygen during the flight.
    • The treating physician must complete the Medical Information Form.
    • Customers should send the completed Medical Information Form to Fly91’s Medical Team at at least 48 hours prior to the flight's scheduled departure.
    • Final clearance for Customers requiring medical clearance to travel will be provided by Fly91’s Medical Team within 24 hours of receiving the filled Medical Information Form.
  • 6.8. Fly91 recommends that Customers needing assistance check in early for their flight. If a Customer declares independence in mobility at the airport and does not require assistance, they should be at the designated boarding gate at the advised boarding time. Since some airports are silent, flight announcements may not be made, but most airports have electronic flight displays. Fly91 staff can always be contacted for assistance. The Customer may board the aircraft within the prescribed boarding time. However, by requesting Fly91 staff at the boarding gate, the Customer may board the aircraft early with Fly91’s assistance.
  • 6.9. Every Fly91 aircraft is equipped with safety briefing cards in braille for Customers with visual impairments. The cabin crew will assist in reading the snack menu options, identifying food items, and placing and opening the food package on the tray upon request. The cabin crew cannot assist in feeding such Customers.
  • 6.10. Due to safety regulations, Individuals with Disabilities and Reduced Mobility will not be assigned Emergency Exit Seats.
  • 6.11. Customers with Psychiatric or Emotional Disorders:
    • Customers with psychiatric or emotional disorders must always travel with a safety assistant. The safety assistant should carry the original treating physician’s certificate along with a prescribed sedative, which may be administered by the safety assistant before travel or as needed on board an aircraft. Fly91 reserves the right to deny boarding to such Customers for safety reasons.
  • 6.12. Customers with Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, Dementia, Alzheimer's, or Down Syndrome:
    • Customers with Autism, Intellectual disabilities, Dementia, Alzheimer's, or Down syndrome should book their flights and inform Fly91 of their needs, if any, at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure. Assistance will be provided upon request from the airport entrance to the aircraft seat. Customers with Autism, Intellectual disabilities, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Down syndrome will be given time to settle in their seats before other Customers board the aircraft. Fly91’s staff and cabin crew will help as required, in addition to the assistance provided by a safety assistant. Furthermore, such Customers may also meet their family members at the gate upon arrival. The person picking up the Customer must inform Fly91 at check-in.
  • 6.13. Internal Medical Devices:
    • Customers travelling with internal medical devices such as pacemakers or defibrillators must inform Fly91 during booking and to security personnel during screening at the airport before the screening process begins.
  • 6.14. Customers with Specific Adverse Medical Conditions:
    • Customers suffering from specific medical conditions can travel on Fly91 flights after providing prior information regarding their condition at least 48 hours prior to the flight's scheduled departure, by completing the Medical Information Formf. Acceptance of Customers with any medical condition is subject to clearance from the Fly91 medical team. Customers must also inform Fly91 of any hospitalisation requirements upon arrival. If a Customer is accompanied by a safety assistant during travel, the safety assistant’s name and contact details must be shared with Fly91. Fly91’s cabin crew are not authorised or responsible to provide special assistance (as they are not qualified medical practitioners), as they are trained only in first aid. Fly91’s crew is not permitted to administer injections or medications.

7. Infants

  • 7.1. Age: Infants under 7 (seven) days old are not permitted to travel. An Infant must be accompanied by an adult during travel. If a Customer fails to provide valid proof of age for an Infant (including digital copies), the child will be considered as not an Infant, and the full applicable Tariff for the date of travel must be paid. In this situation, the Customer with such a child can travel if seats are available on the flight.
  • 7.2. Seating:
    • No additional seats can be reserved for Infants. Infants must be seated on an adult's lap and cannot travel in their own seats.
    • A maximum of 5 infants are allowed on any Fly91 flight. Therefore, a Customer travelling with an Infant can book a seat on a specific flight, subject to seat availability.
    • A maximum of 1 (one) Infant per adult Customer is permitted, considering the safety and operational requirements of the aircraft and compliance with these Conditions of Carriage.
    • An Infant Fee as outlined in the Tariff Sheet available on the Fly91 website is applicable per Sector for travelling with an Infant.
    • Baggage Allowance: Customers with Infants are allowed an additional Hand Baggage allowance of up to 7 (seven) kgs.

8. Unaccompanied Minors

  • 8.1. Children aged between 2 (two) and 6 (six) years, as of the date of travel, must be accompanied by a Customer aged 18 (eighteen) years or older, as of the date of travel.
  • 8.2. Children aged between 6 (six) and 12 (twelve) years, as of the date of travel, must either be accompanied by a Customer aged 18 (eighteen) years or older, as of the date of travel, or they will be categorised as ‘Unaccompanied Minors’ in accordance with these Conditions of Carriage.
  • 8.3. Fly91 may, at its sole discretion, allow Unaccompanied Minors to travel upon payment of applicable fees per Sector as outlined in the Tariff Sheet available on the Fly91 website.
  • 8.4. At Departure:
    • An Unaccompanied Minor should arrive at the airport at least 2 (two) hours prior to the scheduled departure. A parent or guardian is required to complete a signed form (download the form here) (4 copies) at Fly91’s airport ticketing office, at the departure airport, before travel. This form must include the name and contact numbers of a parent or guardian (aged 18 or above, as of the date of travel) who will meet the Unaccompanied Minor upon arrival.
    • Valid photo identification is required for both the Unaccompanied Minor and the parent or guardian at the time of check-in.
    • A staff member will accompany the Unaccompanied Minor to the aircraft, where they will be handed over to the cabin crew for supervision. The parent or guardian must remain at the airport until the flight departs.
  • 8.5. On-board:
    • During the flight, the cabin crew will oversee the Unaccompanied Minor, ensuring compliance with airline safety procedures and access to all in-flight amenities.
    • To ensure a comfortable flight for the Unaccompanied Minor, the parent/guardian is requested to pack all necessary items, including medication, appropriate clothing, and a toy or game, in the Unaccompanied Minors Hand Baggage.
    • If the Unaccompanied Minor has any allergies, Fly91 should be notified in advance. The person accompanying the Unaccompanied Minor should provide an allergy certificate to Fly91 staff at the airport prior to the flight.
  • 8.6. Transit/Transfer:
    • If the Stopover at a transfer station is less than 6 (six) hours and the Unaccompanied Minor is booked on Fly91’s flights throughout, Fly91 can accept the Unaccompanied Minor.
    • If the Stopover at transfer stations exceeds 6 (six) hours, involves an overnight stay, or requires transfer to any airline other than Fly91, Fly91 will not accept an Unaccompanied Minor. In such cases, the Child must be accompanied by someone aged 18 (eighteen) years or older, as of the date of travel.
  • 8.7. Upon Arrival:
    • Upon flight arrival, Fly91’s ground staff will accompany and assist the Unaccompanied Minor through the airport arrival process.
    • The ground staff will hand over the Unaccompanied Minor to the nominated adult after verifying their original photo identification, as per the details in the relevant form.
    • The parent or guardian should be at the arrival hall at least 30 (thirty) minutes before the flight's arrival to receive the Unaccompanied Minor.

9. Expectant Mothers

To safeguard the health and well-being of a mother and her unborn child, it is the paramount duty of expectant mothers to disclose true and correct facts about their pregnancy to Fly91. However, the carriage of the expectant mother is subject to the following conditions:

  • 9.1 Uncomplicated Single Pregnancy:
    • Expectant mothers in good health up to 36th week (35 weeks and 7 days) of pregnancy (Calculated based on the expected date of delivery by the passenger’s doctor) may be accepted for carriage.
    • Expectant mothers between 29 (28 weeks and 7 days onwards) and 36 weeks (till 35 weeks and 7 days) are required to provide a medical certificate from the consulting doctor stating fitness to travel, number of weeks of pregnancy, and expected date of delivery.
    • Expectant mothers beyond their 36th week (35 weeks and 7 days) of pregnancy will not be accepted for carriage on flight.
  • 9.2 Uncomplicated Multiple (e.g. Twins, Triples etc.) Pregnancy
    • Expectant mothers in good health up to 32nd week (31 weeks and 7 days) of pregnancy (Calculated based on the expected date of delivery by the passenger’s doctor) may be accepted for carriage.
    • xpectant mothers between 29th week (28 weeks and 7 days onwards) and 32nd week till 31 weeks and 7 days) are required to provide a medical certificate from their consulting doctor stating fitness to travel, number of weeks of pregnancy, and expected date of delivery.
    • Expectant mothers beyond their 32th week (31 weeks and 7 days) of pregnancy will not be accepted for carriage.
  • 9.3 Complicated Pregnancy (Single / Multiple)

    • Expectant mothers with complicated pregnancy (whether single or multiple) will be accepted till 32nd week of pregnancy. Complicated pregnancy (whether single or multiple) will be accepted for flights up to and including the 32nd week of pregnancy.
    • Expectant mothers between 29th week (28 weeks and 7 days onwards) and 32nd week (till 31 weeks and 7 days) are required to get clearance from a Fly91 company doctor. They will have to fill the necessary MEDA form and complete the process and timelines associated with the MEDA process. The travel can be planned accordingly.
    • Expectant mothers beyond their 32nd week (31 weeks and 7 days) of pregnancy will not be accepted for carriage.

    Expectant mothers can be accepted for travel provided they sign “Expectant Mother Declaration” (irrespective of the duration of pregnancy) in three copies during check-in. This form is in addition to the Doctor’s certificate / MEDIF form (as applicable).

    Expectant mothers are required to provide fit to fly certificate from treating/consulting doctor stating:

    • Confirmation on no complication single pregnancy or multiple / Complicated Pregnancy.
    • “Fit to Travel” for the entire journey including the return (if applicable) with no intended/voluntary stopover at the transit point.
    • Be reader friendly and written in English.
    • Has appropriate “Date, stamp & contact details” from the qualified Doctor for reference check by company doctor.
    • Confirmation that premature delivery is not expected within the planned journey, including transit and return flights if applicable.

    Pregnant ladies beyond 36 weeks are not permitted to fly.

10. Safety Assistants

A safety assistant is an individual capable of aiding a Customer with a disability during emergency aircraft evacuation or facilitating communication with cabin crew for necessary safety instructions.

  • 10.1. Qualifications of a Safety Assistant: The safety assistant should possess the physical and mental capability and willingness to assist the disabled Customer in case of an emergency evacuation.
  • 10.2. Seat Arrangement for the Safety Assistant: The safety assistant will be seated adjacent to the Customer to help in emergencies. If seats in the same row are unavailable, the safety assistant should be seated in the row directly ahead of or behind the Customer(s) with a disability.
  • 10.3. Instances Requiring a Safety Assistant:
    • Customers with mental disabilities who cannot comprehend or respond appropriately to safety instructions, including regulatory safety briefings and other safety-related directives provided on the aircraft.
    • Customers with a mobility impairment so severe that they are unable to physically assist in their own evacuation from the aircraft in case of an emergency.
    • Any other disability that Fly91, at its sole discretion, deems may affect the Customer's safety while on board an aircraft.
    • Customers with one or more sensory impairments, such as visual impairment, hearing impairment, or speech impairment.
  • 10.4. Prerequisites:

    • A Customer or their representative must inform Fly91 about the type of assistance required at the airport at least 48 (forty-eight) hours prior to departure.
    • A Customer must travel with a safety assistant if they require assistance with any of the following:
      • Fastening and unfastening the seat belt.
      • Putting on and taking off a lifejacket.
      • Moving from the seat to an emergency exit (not necessarily by walking on two limbs).
      • Putting on an oxygen mask.
      • Communicating with the crew regarding safety briefings and responding to safety instructions.

    Another Customer on the flight may also act as a safety assistant for emergency purposes, although this cannot be guaranteed by Fly91.

11. Guide Dogs:

Fly91 allows Guide/Service Dogs or 'Seeing Eye Dogs' to accompany passengers on all Fly91 flights.

  • 11.1. Notification Procedure: Individuals with sensory impairments planning to travel with their guide dog should inform us at least 48 (forty-eight) hours before departure regarding the presence of the guide dog. Fly91 permits a Customer to travel with their guide dog provided no similar prior request has been made by another Customer on the same aircraft.
  • 11.2. Guide Dog Seating Arrangement:
    • Customers with a guide dog will not be seated in the Emergency Exit Row.
    • The guide dog will not occupy any seat.
    • The guide dog will be allowed on board only if properly trained, harnessed, muzzled, and vaccinated.
  • 11.3. Required Documentation: Customers must present complete and valid documentation, including identification cards, proving that the guide dog is a service animal and possesses all necessary permissions. This includes confirmation of training from an appropriate institution and a certificate of vaccination for the guide dog.
  • 11.4. Hygiene and Travel Guidelines for Guide Dogs:
    • Customers are fully responsible for their guide dogs and must bring a moisture absorbent mat on which the guide dog must be seated.
    • Additionally, the guide dog should be well-trained, restrained, muzzled, and vaccinated.

Fly91 reserves the right to deny boarding or remove the guide dog from the flight if it cannot be properly contained or exhibits behaviour that jeopardises the health or safety of others on board.

A meet and assist service can be arranged upon prior request if assistance is needed at departure or on arrival.

12. Mobility Assistance (Wheelchair)

  • 12.1. Fly91 is committed to providing a wheelchair as per a Customer's requirement, provided the Customer requests one at least 48 (forty-eight) hours before the scheduled time of departure. To ensure the service meets the Customer’s needs, Fly91's Booking team or airport staff may inquire about the level of assistance the Customer requires.
  • 12.2. Fly91's wheelchair service is offered at no additional charge to the Customer. This service includes assistance in carrying the Customer within the airport area and to their designated seat on the aircraft (depending on airport facilities). A designated attendant will not be assigned to a Customer’s wheelchair. Hence, it's essential for the Customer to inform the counter during check-in if they need assistance before being escorted to the boarding gate.
  • 12.3. While Fly91 strives to assist Customers in reaching their onward flights on time, Customrs are advised to consider potential delays during busy periods. Fly91 shall not be held liable to Customers who miss their onward flights due to such delays. Customers are encouraged to factor in such delays when planning their travels.
  • 12.4. Unpredictable circumstances like adverse weather or mechanical issues may necessitate last-minute unavoidable changes. However, Fly91 will try its best to accommodate the needs of the Customer.
  • 12.5. Groups of 10 (ten) or more people requiring wheelchairs are required to notify Fly91 at least 48 (forty-eight) hours before their flight's scheduled departure. Upon receiving this notice, Fly91 will allow the determined number of Customers to board the aircraft, based on seat availability for both these Customers and their safety assistants (if required), at Fly91’s sole discretion. Customers can request this service during booking or notify one of Fly91’s airport service agents about their wheelchair requirement upon arrival at the airport.
  • 12.6. If a Customer is travelling without a safety assistant, Fly91 will be pleased to provide the following assistance:
    • Extend a meet and assist service to help with boarding, deplaning, flight connections, and check-in/transfer/reclaiming of checked-in bags.
    • Assist in stowing their Hand Baggage.
    • Help in opening the Customer’s onboard snack.
    • Provide individual safety briefings on board upon request.
    • However, Fly91 regrets its inability to assist the Customer with personal care, including feeding or administering medication, or accompanying them to the restrooms before, after, and during the flight.
  • 12.7. Customers Using Their Own Wheelchairs/Crutches/Braces/Other Prosthetic Devices:
    1. Before Travel:
      • Customers who wish to check in their own wheelchair will receive assistance with dismantling and reassembling it under their supervision. However, Fly91 shall not be liable for any damage arising while handling the wheelchair. The checked-in wheelchair will be returned to the Customer at the destination airport.
      • A Customer with a disability may use their own manual-powered wheelchair until the aircraft door or the mobile stairway attached to the aircraft (depending on airport facilities). Afterward, it will be stored in the aircraft’s hold area, and the Customer will be transferred to Fly91’s wheelchair and provided assistance in reaching their designated seat on the aircraft.
      • Electric wheelchairs will be dismantled at Fly91’s check-in counters, and the Customer is required to seal the battery terminals to avoid damage to the battery. Afterward, the Customer will be transferred to Fly91’s wheelchair and provided assistance in reaching their designated seat on the aircraft.
      • Wheelchairs powered by a wet-cell (spillable) battery shall not be accepted due to the corrosive acids they contain. Additionally, wheelchairs powered by lithium-ion batteries (up to 300Wh single battery or max 160Wh two batteries, including spare battery) or non-spillable batteries (up to 12V) may only be carried as Checked-in Baggage.
      • In the event of loss or damage to mobility aids or any other similar equipment placed in Checked-in Baggage, Fly91’s liability for such loss or damage shall not exceed the maximum liability provided under the Conditions of Carriage.
      • Fly91 recommends that Customers obtain suitable travel insurance for any equipment they carry on the aircraft.
      • Customers are allowed to use their own crutches, braces, and other prosthetic devices up to the aircraft and may board with such items as Hand Baggage, provided they are dependent on them.
    2. At Destination:
      • If a Customer’s wheelchair has been stowed in the cargo compartment of the aircraft, Fly91 will make its best effort to return it to the Customer as close to the aircraft door as possible.
      • If this is not possible, Fly91 will ensure that alternative assistance is available to assist the Customer to the baggage reclaim area.
      • Depending on the airport, this assistance may be provided by an electric buggy, an airport wheelchair, or an accessible bus.
      • Please click here to access detailed instructions regarding the carriage of wheelchairs powered by batteries on Fly91’s flights.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs)

  • 13.1. Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs) are allowed on Fly91 flights, provided the conditions outlined below are met. Only POCs approved by the FAA or EASA can be included as part of Hand Baggage. The POC can be carried either as Checked-in Baggage or as part of the Hand Baggage. The responsibility for packing, assembling, dismantling, and administering the POC both on the ground and on board the aircraft rests solely with the Customer. Fly91 will not be held liable or responsible under any circumstances for these activities.
  • 13.2. A Customer should request the carriage or use of a POC on board from Fly91 at least 48 (forty-eight) hours before the scheduled departure time. The POC should not interfere with the aircraft's electrical, navigation, or communication equipment. The Customer carrying the POC on board must comply with all security requirements and instructions communicated by the crew as needed.
  • 13.3. Regardless of the above, Fly91 reserves the right to refuse carriage of a POC at its sole discretion if it reasonably believes that the POC is likely to endanger the aircraft's safety or any person on board.13.4. Additionally, no extra charges for carrying a POC will be levied on the Customer provided the total weight of the Customer's Baggage, including the POC, adheres to the permitted Baggage allowance. If the weight exceeds the prescribed limits, the Customer will be required to pay for excess Baggage.
  • 13.5. If the POC is to be Carried as Checked-in Baggage: For safety reasons, the Customer must ensure that the POC is empty and pressure-free before check-in. If the POC was used before arriving at the airport, the Customer must reset the POC to remove any residual oxygen in the equipment. The POC's battery should be removed, and the battery terminal should be securely insulated and packed separately in a pouch. The battery may be carried by the Customer as Hand Baggage once secured as prescribed. Carrying such batteries is subject to applicable regulatory requirements, including but not limited to those mentioned under the Aircraft (Carriage of Dangerous Goods) Rules, 2003, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, and the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and other relevant laws.
  • 13.6. If the POC is to be carried as Hand Baggage:
    • Customers using or carrying a POC on board will be allocated a window seat only. Emergency Exit Seats, middle seats, or aisle seats will not be assigned to such Customers.
    • If a Customer brings a POC on board, Fly91 reserves the right to change their seats if necessary. Such Customers must be capable of seeing, hearing, and comprehending warnings from the portable oxygen concentrator device. They should be able to take appropriate action in response to those warnings without assistance. During taxi, take-off, and landing, if the POC is in use, it must be stowed under the seat in front.
    • Customers are advised to contact the Customer Experience Team or the airport operations team at the airport to ascertain if the POC is permitted for carriage on Fly91’s aircraft.

14. Stretchers

Fly91 does not allow the carriage of stretchers on its flights. A stretcher is defined as a portable, adjustable bed with wheels, or a lightweight bed used for carrying patients or injured individuals.

This policy is in place because our aircraft cabins have a specific design and structure that cannot accommodate stretchers.

Passengers with medical conditions requiring a stretcher for travel are advised to consider alternative modes of travel that can cater to their specific needs.


Self-Offloading from an aircraft after boarding is strictly prohibited due to potential safety and security hazards:

  • If a Customer expresses a desire to disembark and is subsequently allowed to do so, Fly91 reserves the right to impose a penalty as determined by its policies, and as outlined in the Tariff Sheet available on the Fly91 website.
  • In such cases, Fly91 may also, additionally, retain the amount paid by the Customer for the Booking.
  • However, Fly91, at its discretion, may waive penalties in cases of medical emergencies or other personal emergencies.
  • If a Customer self-disembarks due to a medical emergency, Fly91 may request a certificate from the airport doctor to validate the situation.
  • If a Fly91 flight is diverted, and a Customer chooses to voluntarily disembark at the diversion location, and Fly91 approves such disembarkation, the Customer shall not:
    • Seek any refund from Fly91 related to the diversion; and/or
    • Claim any compensation from Fly91 for the voluntary disembarkation.
Baggage Allowance
TypeHand | Cabin Baggage
[Free Allowance]
Checked-In Baggage
[Free Allowance]
Adult1 Bag Upto 7 Kgs1 Bag Upto 15 Kgs
Child1 Bag Upto 7 Kgs1 Bag Upto 15 Kgs
Infant1 Bag Upto 7 KgsNIL
Maximum WeightUpto 7 KgsUpto 32 Kgs Per Bag
(Excess Baggage Charges Apply)
Maximum DimensionLength: 35 cm
Width: 30 cm
Height: 20 cm
Length: 69 cm
Width: 53 cm
Height: 36 cm

1. Hand Baggage

  • 1.1. Hand Baggage is permitted in the cabin, contingent upon available space in overhead bins or under a Customer’s seat. As Hand Baggage is within the possession and control of the Customer, they bear responsibility for it.
  • 1.2. Should a piece of Hand Baggage exceed the stipulated size or weight, Fly91 may necessitate its transfer to the aircraft's Checked-in Baggage compartment before take-off. In such instances, the Customer's Hand Baggage will receive a special tag and be returned upon arrival, retrievable from the Baggage reclaim area. If the transfer to the Checked-in Baggage compartment is due to excess weight beyond the allowable limit for Hand Baggage, the Customer will be charged for the excess weight at the applicable rate per kilogram.
  • 1.3. Each Customer is allowed one piece of Hand Baggage weighing a maximum of 7 (seven) kgs and not surpassing specified dimensions, unless exclusions and additional restrictions apply:
    • Length: 35 cm.
    • Width: 30 cm.
    • Height: 20 cm.
  • 1.4. Customers travelling with Infants are granted an extra piece of Hand Baggage weighing a maximum of 7 (seven) kgs and complying with the size and weight dimensions specified above.
  • 1.5. In addition to the permissible Hand Baggage, Fly91 permits a Customer to carry one additional personal item such as a ladies’ purse or a small bag holding a laptop not exceeding 3 (three) kg (inclusive of duty-free items, if any, bought at an airport).
  • 1.6. Items deemed unacceptable in dimension or possessing an offensive shape or nature, as determined by Fly91, will not be allowed onboard.
  • 1.7. Within the bounds of applicable local laws, regulations, and security screenings, Customers may carry liquids, aerosols and/or gels in Hand Baggage in a container with a maximum volume of 100 (one hundred) ml, comfortably fitting into a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag not exceeding a capacity of 1 (one) litre.
  • 1.8. Power banks and portable mobile chargers are permissible in Hand Baggage only and are prohibited in Checked-in Baggage. If detected during X-ray, the Customer’s Checked-in Baggage will not be loaded on the flight for safety reasons.
  • 1.9. Should a Customer desire to carry an oversized item onboard that does not adhere to the specified limits but can securely fit in a seat, Fly91 may, at its discretion, permit the Customer to purchase an additional seat on a flight, contingent upon seat availability and payment of the applicable fare. This provision is not available through online Booking, and Customers should contact Fly91 to arrange for booking a seat for such Hand Baggage.

2 Checked-in Baggage

  • 2.1. The Free Checked-in Baggage allowance, if applicable, will align with Fly91’s policy, clarified at the time of making a Booking.
  • 2.2. Checked-in Baggage maximum dimensions must conform to the following:
    • Length: 69 cm.
    • Width: 53 cm.
    • Height: 36 cm.
  • 2.3. Customers exceeding the permissible free Baggage allowance will be charged Excess Baggage in accordance with the regulations set forth in these Conditions of Carriage. Charges for supplementary Baggage pieces will be in addition to the excess Baggage fees. Upon a Customer's submission of Checked-in Baggage at the check-in counters, Fly91 representatives will issue a Baggage Tag for each piece after a thorough inspection of the Baggage's condition. Each piece of Checked-in Baggage should bear the Customer's name or other personal identification. Excess Baggage fees and Supplementary Baggage Fees remain non-refundable for No-Shows and Gate No-Shows.
  • 2.4. For designated special items of Checked-in Baggage such as sports equipment, skiing gear, golf bags, bicycles, surfboards, snowboards, water skis, scuba diving gear, kayaks, LCD and LED TVs, and musical instruments, the weight of such Checked-in Baggage will be considered within the permissible Baggage allowance, with standard excess Baggage charges, if relevant, being applied. If a Customer intends to carry any designated special Baggage, as detailed above, as Checked-in Baggage, Fly91 should be notified at least 48 (forty-eight) hours in advance with the size dimensions and weight details to avoid any inconvenience or non-acceptance at the airport. Carriage of such baggage is also subject to security checks by the Airport Security, on which, the airline has no liability.
  • 2.5. In compliance with the Provisions for Dangerous Goods carried by passengers or crew, toiletry articles up to 2 litres/2kg (500 ml/500 gm per container) are permissible in Checked-in Baggage. 11.2.6. Check-in baggage pooling/clubbing is not permitted.

3. Items Unacceptable as Baggage

Fly91 reserves the right to refuse carriage of Baggage with certain restricted items. A description of such items is set out below:

  • 3.1. Items inadequately packaged, lacking proper suitcases or suitable containers.
  • 3.2. Items likely to jeopardise the aircraft, individuals, or property on board, as stipulated in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, and dangerous goods in accordance with local laws, applicable regulations, and Fly91's terms and conditions.
  • 3.3. Items whose carriage is prohibited by prevailing laws, regulations, or orders.
  • 3.4. Except as explicitly allowed in the Conditions of Carriage, explosives, fireworks, flares, pistol caps, swords, knives, and similar objects.
  • 3.5. Gases like compressed gases, liquefied gases, refrigerated liquefied gases, dissolved gases, flammable, non-flammable, and poisonous gases, including butane, oxygen, liquid nitrogen, avalanche rescue backpacks, and medical oxygen.
  • 3.6. Flammable liquids and solids such as lighter refills, lighter fuel, flammable paints, thinners, used camping stoves or fuel containers, used internal combustion or fuel cell engines, matches, firelighters, lighters requiring inversion before ignition or powered by lithium batteries, copra, sodium, potassium, etc.
  • 3.7. Oxidising substances and organic peroxides, e.g., bleaches, aluminium nitrate, etc.
  • 3.8. Toxic and infectious substances like pesticides, insecticides, weed-killers, potassium cyanide, samples for infectious disease testing, etc.
  • 3.9. Radioactive material.
  • 3.10. Corrosives such as acids, alkalis, mercury, wet cell batteries, and apparatus containing mercury.
  • 3.11. Other dangerous substances and articles, including environmentally hazardous substances like magnetised materials, materials with narcotic, noxious, offensive, or irritating properties, and e-cigarettes.
  • 3.12. Small lithium battery-powered vehicles like air-wheels, solo-wheels, hoverboards, mini-segways, and balance wheels.
  • 3.13. Anything (including food or consumables containing seafood or any animal or bird elements) improperly packed that could cause leakage, spillage, or discomfort to other Customers.
  • 3.14. Anything emitting a conspicuous or offensive odour.
  • 3.15. Live or dead animals, birds, or insects unless expressly permitted in the Conditions of Carriage.
  • 3.16. Satellite phones and GPS devices unless proper authorisations have been obtained from BSNL for BSNL-provided INMARSAT satellite handsets (ISAT Phones), and from the Ministry of Home Affairs or Department of Telecommunications for other Satellite Phones or GPS devices, as applicable.
  • 3.17. Items deemed unsuitable for carriage based on weight, shape, size, or nature, according to Fly91's reasonable judgement.
  • 3.18. Any other item that may inconvenience or pose a safety hazard to Customers, at Fly91's sole discretion.
  • 3.19. Any other item prohibited for carriage on board, as notified by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) or any relevant authority.

For further details on permitted/prohibited goods, please contact Fly91 at

4. Carriage of Kirpan

A Sikh passenger within India is allowed to carry a 'Kirpan' with a total length of up to 9 inches (22.86 cm), with the blade not exceeding 6 inches (15.24 cm) on their person.

5. Carriage of Lithium Batteries

  • 5.1. Spare Lithium Batteries:
    1. With approval from the check-in staff and security clearance at the airport, Fly91 may permit a Customer to carry a maximum of 2 (two) spare or separate:

      • Lithium-ion batteries (including power banks) rated above 100 (one hundred) Wh but below 160 (one hundred and sixty) Wh; or
      • Lithium metal batteries, each containing lithium metal between 2 (two) and 8 (eight) grams, particularly if intended for use in portable medical devices.

      These lithium batteries must be appropriately packaged, either in their original retail packaging or separate plastic bags. The terminals of the batteries need to be taped and insulated to prevent any short circuits.

  • 5.2. Portable Electronic Devices Containing Lithium Batteries:

    1. Fly91 may allow Customers, subject to airport security clearance, to carry a maximum of 15 (fifteen) portable electronic devices. Each device should be equipped with:
      • A lithium-ion battery not exceeding a rating of 100 (one hundred) Wh; and/or
      • A lithium metal battery containing lithium metal content of not more than 2 (two) grams.
    2. Additionally, with approval from the check-in staff and clearance at the airport security:
      • Customers may carry a maximum of 2 (two) portable electronic devices with lithium-ion batteries exceeding 100 (one hundred) Wh but not more than 160 (one hundred and sixty) Wh; or
      • Customers may carry a maximum of 2 (two) portable electronic devices with lithium metal batteries, each containing lithium metal content more than 2 (two) grams but not exceeding 8 (eight) grams.

    Fly91 strongly advises Customers to carry portable electronic devices within their Hand Baggage. In the case of Checked-in Baggage, it is essential to turn off these devices and pack them securely to prevent any damage.

  • 5.3. Loose/spare batteries, including power banks, are permitted solely in Hand Baggage and are not allowed in Checked-in Baggage.

6. Carriage of LCD/LED TVs

Fly91 has established guidelines for carrying LCD/LED TVs on its flights, outlined below:

  • 6.1. Each Customer is permitted to carry a maximum of 2 (two) LCD/LED TVs in their Checked-in Baggage.
  • 6.2. The acceptable size limit for LED/LCD TVs for carriage is up to 99.06 cm, including the packaging.
  • 6.3. The carriage of TVs must comply with all relevant terms and conditions specified in the Conditions of Carriage concerning the conveyance of delicate items, and similar regulations.
  • 6.4. In the event that the combined weight of the TVs, when checked-in, surpasses the permissible Check-in Baggage allowance, the Customer(s) will be subject to excess baggage charges at the prevailing rates.

7 Carriage of Photographic Equipment and Films

Fly91 provides the following regulations regarding the carriage of photographic equipment and films:

  • 7.1. Photographic gear and films can be carried either in Hand Baggage or Checked-in Baggage.
  • 7.2. Baggage containing photographic gear and films will undergo screening using the X-ray baggage inspection system ("BIS"). To safeguard undeveloped photographic film from potential X-ray damage, it is recommended that Customers carry only developed photographic films.
  • 7.3. Upon the Customer's request, Fly91 may authorise manual screening of the Baggage containing photographic equipment and film. In such cases, the Customer may need to take the film out of the canister and securely package it in a transparent plastic bag for further examination.

8. Carriage of a Firearm, Air Gun, or Ammunition

Fly91 enforces a strict prohibition on the carriage of firearms, air guns, and ammunition on its flights. This includes various portable weapons like pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, and similar devices capable of projecting projectiles. For passengers with legitimate needs to carry firearms or ammunition, we suggest considering alternative carriage methods that adhere to the safety and regulatory standards established by the appropriate authorities.

9. Valuable and Fragile Goods

  • 9.1. When Customers opt to check in valuable or fragile ites, they acknowledge that the carriage of such items is entirely at their own risk and expense. Such items include, but are not limited to, currency, jewellery, silverware, glassware, medicines, perishable goods, computers, computer software, phones, cameras, video equipment, and any other electronic devices, negotiable instruments, title documents, certificates, securities, bonds, business and personal documents, samples, paintings, artefacts, manuscripts, other forms of art, antiques, research material, unique or irreplaceable items, scholarship items or documents, irreplaceable books or publications, passports, or other similar valuable documents or items. The mentioned items are not covered by any compensation for loss or damage policy of Fly91. It remains the Customer's sole responsibility to avoid placing these items in Checked-in Baggage.
  • 9.2. For fragile items, Customers will be asked to complete a Limited Release Tag ("LRT") during check-in relieving Fly91 from any responsibility or liability concerning fragile items carried in the Customers' Baggage. Fly91 will not be held liable for damage caused by the improper packaging, spillage, or leakage of glass bottles/jars within the Checked-In Baggage.

10. Right to Refuse Carriage of Baggage

Fly91 reserves the right to decline the carriage of any item as Baggage if it is deemed inappropriate due to factors such as size, shape, weight, content, character, radioactivity, safety, operational concerns, or in consideration of other Customers' well-being. Details regarding unacceptable items can be obtained upon request. Furthermore, Fly91 may opt not to accept Baggage for carriage unless, in its reasonable judgement, it is adequately and securely packed in a suitable container or packaging.

11. Right to Search

  • 11.1. Fly91 or a competent Regulatory Authority may necessitate Customers and Baggage to undergo an X-ray and a physical search or other types of scans. In the absence of the Customer, Fly91 retains the right to inspect the Customer's Baggage to ascertain the presence of any prohibited or unacceptable items.
  • 11.2. Should a Customer decline to comply with such searches or scans, Fly91 holds the right to deny carriage to the Customer and their Baggage, without issuing a refund for the Tariff or assuming any other liability towards the Customer. Subsequent legal procedures, as required by law, may ensue in such cases.
  • 11.3. In case a search or scan results in injury to a Customer or damage or loss to their Baggage, Fly91 shall not be held accountable for such injury or damage unless it arises from Fly91's deliberate misconduct or gross negligence.
  • 11.4. In instances of unclaimed Baggage or Baggage left behind by a Customer where ownership cannot be determined without opening the Baggage, Fly91 reserves the right to open and inspect the Baggage to establish rightful ownership.

12. Collection and Delivery of Checked-in Baggage

  • 12.1. Fly91 will exert its utmost efforts to ensure the safe condition of Customers' Checked-in Baggage. Customers are advised to promptly retrieve their Checked-in Baggage when it becomes available for collection at the baggage reclaim area. If a Customer's Checked-in Baggage remains unclaimed for 3 (three) months from the date of availability at the arrival airport, Fly91 or the relevant airport operator may dispose of it without any liability or prior notice to the Customer.
  • 12.2. It is the Customer's responsibility to collect their Checked-in Baggage from the baggage reclaim area promptly to prevent any possibility of theft or misplacement.
  • 12.3. Once the Checked-In Baggage is placed in the baggage reclaim area at the airport, Fly91 holds no liability for any loss or theft of the Checked-In Baggage.
  • 12.4. In cases where Customers are travelling in a group (i.e., multiple Customers in one Booking) and the Checked-in Baggage is not delivered upon arrival, all Customers under that Booking must be present at the arrival hall when reporting the loss of Checked-in Baggage. Failure to meet this condition will be considered as the Checked-in Baggage being delivered in good condition.
  • 12.5. Fly91 will release Checked-in Baggage to the individual bearing the Baggage Tag upon the settlement of all outstanding payments owed to Fly91, as per the Conditions of Carriage.
  • 12.6. Fly91 is not obliged to confirm the entitlement of the bearer of the Baggage Tag for the delivery of Checked-in Baggage and is not accountable for any loss, damage, or costs arising from its failure to do so.
  • 12.7. Except in exceptional circumstances, Checked-in Baggage will be delivered to the destination specified on the Baggage Tag.
  • 12.8. If a Customer attempting to claim Checked-in Baggage is unable to present the Baggage Tag and identify the Baggage through the Tag, Fly91 will release the Checked-in Baggage to the Customer only after satisfactory proof of their entitlement, and if deemed necessary by Fly91, the Customer shall indemnify Fly91 for any loss, damage, or expense incurred by Fly91 due to such delivery.
  • 12.9. Acceptance of Checked-in Baggage by Customers without complaint upon delivery is preliminary evidence that the Checked-in Baggage was delivered in good condition and in accordance with the Conditions of Carriage. Customers are required to report any loss of or damage to Checked-in Baggage at the respective destination airport upon arrival, not after departing from the destination airport.
  • 12.10. To ensure the correct retrieval of their Checked-in Baggage and prevent confusion, Fly91 reserves the right to match the Baggage Tag to the Baggage Identification Tag upon arrival, either for all Customers or on a random basis. In cases where there is a possibility or slight suspicion of a Customer picking up someone else's Checked-in Baggage, Fly91 reserves the right to disclose the personal information of such Customer to the original owner of the Checked-in Baggage. Fly91 will not be held liable for any resulting losses or damages.

13. Items Removed by Airport Security Personnel

Fly91 holds no responsibility and assumes no liability for items taken out of a Customer's Baggage by airport security personnel.

14. Carriage of Human Remains or Urns

The carriage of human remains is not allowed on Fly91 flights.

However, Fly91 permits the carriage of urns in Hand Baggage subject to pre-embarkation security checks.

15. Carriage of Human Organs

  • 15.1. Live human organs are permitted on Fly91 flights and will be handled following AVSEC Circular No. 1/2017 dated January 06, 2017, and relevant laws. These organs must be free from any infectious substances.
  • 15.2. Containers carrying live human organs are considered as Hand Baggage, regardless of their size and weight. During taxiing, take-off, and landing, these containers must be securely stored under a seat or in the overhead bin.

16. Carriage of Alcoholic Beverages

  • 16.1. Customers can carry a maximum of 5 (five) litres of alcoholic beverages in their Checked-in Baggage, subject to the conditions outlined below:
    1. The alcoholic beverage must be in retail packaging and appropriately packed to prevent damage or leakage.
    2. The alcohol content in the beverage should not exceed 70% (seventy percent).
    3. If the alcoholic beverage contains 24% (twenty-four percent) or less alcohol by volume, the 5 (five) litre limitation does not apply.
  • 16.2. Alcoholic beverages can also be carried in Hand Baggage if purchased from an airport's security hold area, provided they are placed in a transparent, STEB - Security Tamper-Evident Bag with a maximum capacity of 1 (one) litre. The containers must comfortably fit within the bag, which should be sealed.
  • 16.3. The carriage of alcoholic beverages by Customers is also subject to other provisions outlined in the Conditions of Carriage and relevant legal requirements.
Connected Segments

1. Any Booking with Respect to Connected Segments

For any reservations involving multiple flight segments, known as Connected Segments, advance booking is necessary. All the Flight Segments within Connected Segments will be confirmed under a single PNR (Passenger Name Record) and recognized as a unified fare component.

2. In Cases Where Customer Undertakes Travel on Connected Segments

  • 2.1. When a Customer travels on domestic Connected Segments, Fly91 will ensure that the Checked-in Baggage is checked through to the final destination. However, for domestic to international connections and vice versa, Customers must retrieve their Checked-in Baggage at the end of each leg and check in again after completing necessary regulatory procedures. Customers will receive two boarding passes: one for the journey from the point of origin to the Stopover, and the other from the Stopover to the next destination. If a Customer needs to change terminals at a Stopover, they are responsible for:
    • Travelling from the arrival terminal (from the point of origin) to the departure terminal (heading to the next destination).
    • Reporting at the check-in counter for the next flight on time.
  • 2.2. Fly91 will not provide food or accommodation during a Stopover. A 'Stopover' in the context of 'Connected Segments', involving a change of terminals by a Customer, includes both the arrival terminal (from the point of origin) and the departure terminal (heading to the next destination).

3. If Customers Fail to Report for Boarding of a Flight for Connected Segments

  • 3.1. If Customers do not reach the boarding gate at least 25 (twenty-five) minutes before the departure of the respective flight for the Connected Segments, even if they arrived on time from the point of origin, they will be categorised as 'Gate No-Shows'. The Checked-in Baggage of these Customers will be removed and either handed over to them or the relevant airport authority at the Stopover station, and Fly91 will not bear any responsibility. The Tariff paid for this Booking will be retained by Fly91. However, Customers are eligible for a refund of the Airport Charges (if applicable).
  • 3.2. Customers for Connected Segments must board the flight from the original city only. Any requests to board from a Stopover point will be considered as a cancellation and rebooking at the prevailing fares at the time of the request by the Customer.

4. If there is a Delay or Cancellation of a Flight Operated as a part of Connected Segments

  • 4.1. In case of a flight delay or cancellation within the Connected Segments, the following procedures will be implemented:
    1. If a flight delay or cancellation at the point of origin jeopardises the connection at the Stopover, the Customer may choose a refund or opt for rescheduling on an alternative Fly91 flight without any additional charges, depending on seat availability.
    2. If there is a delay or cancellation of a connecting flight at the Stopover, Fly91, at its discretion and subject to seat availability, will first offer the Customer the option to board the next available Fly91 flight. Additionally, if the next available flight is scheduled for the following day, Fly91 may, at its discretion, provide ground transportation to and from the airport and accommodation for an overnight stay at the Stopover point. Alternatively, a refund may be offered for the unused part of the Booking. Customers also have the choice to request a partial refund on a proportional basis if the journey is involuntarily terminated at a Stopover for reasons other than the Customer being unruly or facing disciplinary issues, as determined by Fly91.
Security Screening


  • In compliance with relevant laws, all Customers will undergo a security screening before boarding an aircraft. Customers must consent to security checks as mandated by the Government, Regulatory Authorities, airport officials, and Fly91.
  • Itineraries will be verified upon entry into the terminal building. Checked-in Baggage will undergo X-ray screening before check-in at all non-inline baggage screening airports, following the requirements of applicable laws. Random physical inspections of Checked-in Baggage will be conducted, along with X-ray screening, at these airports, in accordance with the regulations outlined by the Regulatory Authorities.
  • In accordance with security regulations, Customers will undergo frisking, and their Hand Baggage will be subject to security checks using X-ray machines.
  • Checked-in Baggage reconciliation is performed using an internal matching system. Besides reconciliation, physical identification of Checked-in Baggage by Customers may also be conducted. Unidentified Checked-in Baggage will not be loaded onto an aircraft.
  • A secondary security check, as directed by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, may also be conducted prior to embarkation.

1. Security Regulations

As per security regulations, Customers are obligated to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • 1.1. Refrain from accepting items from individuals they do not know.
  • 1.2. Avoid leaving Baggage unattended, as airport security staff may consider unattended Baggage as suspicious items.
  • 1.3. Declare any possession of arms, ammunition, or explosive substances before baggage screening or check-in. Concealing arms or explosives is a violation of applicable laws.
  • 1.4. Carry Hand Baggage within the dimensions specified by Fly91. For details, please refer to Condition 11.
  • 1.5. Ensure all Hand Baggage is clearly marked with the Customer's name, address, and contact information.

2. Cancellation, Changes of Schedule, etc.

  • 2.1. Fly91 reserves the right to modify flight schedules, cancel, terminate, divert, postpone, reschedule, or delay any flight at any time after a Booking has been made. This decision will be based on reasonable justifications such as unavoidable factors and circumstances beyond Fly91’s control, including Force Majeure, safety concerns, or commercial considerations.
  • 2.2. In the event of a Fly91 flight being cancelled, rescheduled to depart more than an hour before the original departure time, or delayed by over 2 (two) hours (depending on the journey length), Customers have the option to request a refund or rebook on an alternative Fly91 flight within the same Sector, at no extra charge (subject to availability).
  • 2.3. All Customers are obligated to provide accurate contact details, including phone numbers and email addresses, enabling Fly91 to notify them of any flight delays or cancellations. Fly91 will not be held liable for any claims or liability if Customers provide inaccurate or invalid contact information during the Booking process. Customers will also be given prior notice if they need to report to the airport check-in counter earlier than the standard time before the scheduled flight departure, due to additional security measures or other reasons. Customers understand and acknowledge that if their contact details are incorrect, unreachable, or for any other reason they cannot be contacted, Fly91 will not be held responsible.
  • 2.4. Compensation, if applicable, may be provided in accordance with DGCA CAR - Section 3, Series M, Part IV, Issue I. Fly91’s liability will be limited as per the stipulations outlined therein.
  • 2.5. Customers understand and acknowledge that no additional compensation (whether indirect, consequential, or remote) will be payable beyond the amounts specified in DGCA CAR - Section 3, Series M, Part IV, Issue I.

3. Sole Remedy

After any of the situations described in Condition 14.2 occur, the choices provided therein are the only, restricted, and exclusive solutions accessible to Customers. Fly91 is absolved of any additional liability towards Customers in these circumstances. Customers can register a complaint using the AirSewa app or portal.

Use of Electronic Devices

In the interest of safety, Fly91 reserves the right to prohibit or restrict the use of electronic devices, such as cell phones, laptops, portable recorders, radios, CD players, electronic games, or transmitting devices like radio-controlled toys and walkie-talkies, on board the aircraft. However, the operation of hearing aids and heart pacemakers is allowed.

Removal of Life Jacket

It is strictly prohibited to remove a life jacket from its designated place on the aircraft seat without the consent of the flight crew members.

No Consumption of Tobacco or Alcohol

Smoking is completely forbidden on all Fly91 aircraft. All lavatories are equipped with smoke detectors. Altering or disabling a smoke detector is strictly prohibited.

Consumption of alcohol on board all Fly91 domestic flights is strictly forbidden.

Possession or Use of E-Cigarettes Not Permitted

The creation, production, import, export, carriage, sale, distribution, storage, and promotion of E-Cigarettes are prohibited on aerodrome premises and on aircraft.

E-Cigarettes are not allowed to be taken outside India or brought into India from another country, and Customers are not permitted to carry E-Cigarettes in their Hand Baggage or Checked-in Baggage.

Fly91 holds the right to decline carriage of Customers with E-Cigarettes or any Baggage containing E-Cigarettes on Fly91 operated flights.

Add-on services and other services offered by Fly91 to Customers
  1. Fly91 endeavours to provide various additional services such as seat selection and pre-paid snacks/beverages, as well as an option to buy snacks/beverages on-board the flight to Customers. These services can be availed by Customers for their travel on Fly91 flights, either while making their initial Booking or at a later time.
  2. Complimentary drinking water is available on all Fly91 flights. Customers are allowed to bring food items on board for personal consumption, including cold snacks, soft beverages, snack bars, and biscuits. Foods that are messy, oily, or have a strong smell are not permitted on board.
  3. In case a specific pre-booked food item or beverage is unavailable, Fly91 will try its best to offer an alternative option subject to availability or refund the applicable charges where the service is not catered.
  4. Customers are advised to inquire about the food and beverages offered or sold by Fly91 at the time of Booking to ensure they are not allergic to any ingredients. Fly91 shall not be held responsible for any allergic reactions or illnesses resulting from the consumption of food provided or sold by Fly91.
  5. Merchandise is available for purchase at Fly91's discretion and is subject to availability. Customers are not guaranteed a specific merchandise item if it is unavailable. Fly91 is not liable or responsible for the unavailability of merchandise to Customers.
Photography by Customers on the Airport Premises and On-board an Aircraft
  • Customers are allowed to take photographs in the following locations:
    1. Inside both civil and defence airport terminal buildings.
    2. On-board an aircraft, ensuring it does not inconvenience others.
  • However, Customers are not allowed to take photographs:
    1. While boarding or disembarking an aircraft.
    2. From areas of the airport used for aircraft take-off, landing, and taxiing.
    3. Of the airside of a defence airport, either from an aircraft, the terminal building, or any other part of the defence airport.
  • Customers must obtain special permission from the DGCA to take photographs in or of any prohibited areas mentioned in Condition 20.2 above.
Emergency Exit Briefings & Cabin Cleanliness
  • Customers seated in proximity to an emergency exit will receive a briefing from the crew on emergency procedures and are requested to give particular attention to these instructions. It's important to note that only Customers meeting the criteria outlined in Condition 8.2 on the date of travel will be assigned Emergency Exit Seats.
  • Fly91 takes all necessary measures to maintain the cleanliness of the aircraft, including disinfection and fumigation, in compliance with applicable regulations. Customers understand and accept that during certain stages of operations, aircraft doors may need to remain open. Consequently, Fly91 is not liable for any damage or claims arising from the unintentional presence of mosquitoes, insects, or pests in the aircraft.
Administrative Formalities

1. Travel Documents

  • 1.1. It is the sole responsibility of Customers to acquire and present all necessary travel documents as mandated by relevant laws or the appropriate Regulatory Authorities to Fly91. Fly91 may request and keep copies of these travel documents. If a Customer fails to comply with these requisites, if their travel documents do not seem to be in order, or if they do not allow Fly91 to retain copies, Fly91 reserves the right to deny carriage.
  • 1.2. Fly91 holds no liability for any guidance provided by its agents or employees, whether written or verbal, to Customers regarding the acquisition of essential documents or adherence to laws, regulations, orders, demands, or requirements, nor for any resulting consequences.

2. Customer Responsible for Fines, Detention Costs, etc.

If Fly91 is obligated to pay fines, penalties, or expenses due to a Customer's non-compliance with applicable laws or failure to provide necessary documents as mandated by a Regulatory Authority, the Customer shall reimburse Fly91 for such costs. In such an event, Fly91 may utilise the value of any unused Booking or the Customer's funds in Fly91's possession for this indemnification.

3. Customs Inspection

If necessary, Customers must participate in the inspection of their Baggage conducted by customs or other Government officials. Fly91 will not be held responsible for any loss or damage experienced by Customers during these inspections or due to their failure to adhere to this obligation.

Liability for Damage

1. Applicability

In accordance with the Carriage by Air Act, 1972 (as amended periodically), the carrier's liability concerning a Customer's journey is defined by the carrier's conditions of carriage, specifically outlined in these Conditions of Carriage. Condition 17 articulates the provisions related to limiting Fly91's liability.

The Conditions of Carriage, including the exclusions or limitations on liability specified here, are applicable to Travel Agents, employees, and agents of Fly91 to the same degree as they are to Fly91. It is emphasised that Fly91 shall not bear responsibility for any loss, delay, or damage resulting from compliance with applicable laws or a Customer's non-compliance with such laws. In any circumstance, Fly91's liability will not surpass the proven damages.

2. Death or Injury to Customers

  • 2.1. In the unfortunate event of a Customer experiencing death or any bodily injury during travel on an aircraft or while embarking or disembarking, Fly91's liability will adhere to the relevant clauses of the Carriage by Air Act, 1972, as specified by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India. These provisions are subject to amendments over time, and the accompanying regulations.
  • 2.2. However, notwithstanding the provisions detailed in Condition 23.2.1, if Fly91 can demonstrate that the damage resulted from, or was contributed to, by the negligence of the Customer, Fly91 may be partially or completely absolved from liability concerning the incident.
  • 2.3. Fly91 bears no responsibility for any ailment, injury, or impairment, including death, arising from a Customer's physical condition or any exacerbation of such a condition.
  • 2.4. Fly91 explicitly disclaims any liability towards Customers, individuals, or entities for any direct or indirect loss, damage, injury, ailment, or loss of life due to any disease, epidemic, or pandemic, including COVID-19, or contracting such conditions during travel on a Fly91 flight or in the process of embarking, disembarking, or any other stage of their journey with Fly91.

3. Damaged, Delayed, or Lost Checked-in Baggage

  • 3.1. Regarding damaged, delayed, or lost Checked-in Baggage, Fly91's liability is subject to the limitations specified in the Carriage by Air Act, 1972, along with any exceptions, adjustments, or amendments notified by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India. For lost or damaged Checked-in Baggage, Fly91's liability is capped at INR 350/Kg and is limited to a maximum liability of INR 20,000 (twenty thousand). In the case of delayed Checked-in Baggage, Fly91's liability will be determined at its discretion based on the prevailing policy.
  • 3.2. Every Customer shall be required to raise an irregularity report in case there is a loss of baggage while he/she is at the respective destination airport at the time of arrival and not after departing from the destination airport.
  • 3.3. Fly91 will not provide compensation to Customers for indirect, consequential, or remote reasons related to lost, delayed, or damaged Checked-in Baggage.
  • 3.4. Fly91 is not liable for lost, delayed, or damaged Checked-in Baggage if the cause is the inherent defect or quality of the Checked-in Baggage or negligence on the part of the Customers.
  • 3.5. Fly91 will not be held liable for lost, delayed, or damaged Checked-in Baggage if it can demonstrate that it took all reasonable measures to prevent such loss, delay, or damage, or if it was impossible to take such measures.
  • 3.6. If Fly91 can prove that the Customer claiming compensation or the person from whom they derive their rights was negligent or engaged in wrongful acts or omissions that caused or contributed to the loss, delay, or damage to the Checked-in Baggage, Fly91 will be partially or fully exempt from liability to the extent that such negligence or wrongful acts or omissions caused or contributed to the loss, delay, or damage.
  • 3.7. Customers are entirely responsible for their Hand Baggage and personal belongings, and Fly91 bears no liability for any loss or damage related to them.
  • 3.8. Fly91 is not responsible for the loss or damage of cash, valuable, fragile, or perishable items. Furthermore, Fly91 will not be liable for articles not allowed in Checked-in Baggage as outlined in these Conditions of Carriage.
  • 3.9. Additionally, Fly91 is not liable for wear and tear to Checked-in Baggage, including but not limited to:
    1. Broken wheels or base.
    2. Loss of external locks or security straps.
    3. Damage to any protruding part of the baggage.
    4. Damage resulting from over-packing.
    5. Damage to retractable luggage handles.
    6. Scratches, torn zippers, straps, and handles.
    7. Scuffing, denting, soiling, or manufacturing defects.
    8. Damage to perishable or fragile baggage.
    9. Any other wear and tear.
  • 3.10. Customers are solely accountable for any loss or damage caused by their Checked-in Baggage to any person or property, including Fly91's property, and Fly91 will not be held liable to any third party in connection to this.
Codeshare Flights and Interline Arrangements

If a flight is operated by a Codeshare Partner, the conditions of carriage of that Codeshare Partner will be applicable. You can find these conditions of carriage on the Codeshare Partner’s official website.

If another airline facilitates the carriage of Customers due to a disruption in Fly91’s operations, the conditions of carriage of that particular airline will apply, except for Baggage allowance, which will align with the stipulations in these Conditions of Carriage.

Fly91 is not accountable for the actions or oversights of any other airlines that facilitate the carriage of Customers.

In situations where Fly91 assists in the carriage of Customers from another airline due to a disruption in the operations of that airline, Fly91 is not responsible for the actions or oversights of the said airline. This includes matters such as providing flight status information, dealing with delays, and any other actions or oversights arising from the flight operations of the other airline.

Carriage of Pets in the Aircraft

Small and harmless domestic pets, such as dogs and cats, accompanied by valid Health and Rabies vaccination certificates, may be accepted on Fly91 flights in the cabin at the owner's risk, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Carriage of pets (excluding Guide/Service Dogs) is subject to a service fee per Sector as outlined in the Tariff Sheet available on the Fly91 website.
  2. Pets, other than Guide/Service Dogs, must be in a suitable ventilated Container with dimensions not exceeding 17”x10”x8”. The weight of the Pet plus the Container should not exceed 7 (seven) kgs.
  3. The weight of the Pet plus Container, along with any food carried, will be charged according to the applicable Baggage system.
  4. A maximum of 01 (one) pet is allowed per flight in the passenger cabin, including Guide/Service Dogs, and subject to weight and container size restrictions.
  5. Pets are not permitted to occupy a passenger seat, even if the adjoining seat is unoccupied/empty.
  6. Customers with Pets will be allocated window seats on the aircraft and will not be allotted Emergency Exit Row or premium seats.
  7. The Container must be stowed under the seat in front of the passenger at all times.
  8. Trained guide dogs must be muzzled and restrained throughout the flight.
  9. Pet dogs must be muzzled, and Pets (dogs and cats) must be restrained if taken out of the Container at any point.
  10. Customers must carry all the latest health and rabies vaccination certificates for their Pets.
  11. A moisture absorbent mat should be placed under the Pet at all times.
  12. A label indicating the type of Pet being carried must be affixed to the Container.
  13. No Pets will be carried if their presence is likely to contaminate the atmosphere to the extent of affecting the health of the Customers or the crew.
  14. The Container must be designed to prevent the Pet from escaping and causing injury to anyone handling it.
  15. Customers must complete the indemnity form provided by Fly91, indemnifying Fly91.
  16. Customers with Pets must provide at least 24 (twenty-four) hours' notice of their intent to carry the Pets.
  17. Customers must report at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time if travelling with a Pet.
  18. No food items are permitted in the Container.
  19. All breeds of Pets are allowed in the cabin and must meet the specified requirements. However, for certain breeds like brachycephalic dogs, Customers are advised to seek veterinary advice regarding cabin travel.
  20. Fly91 does not permit unaccompanied minors or Customers requiring wheelchair assistance to travel with Pets for safety reasons.
  21. Customers travelling with an infant cannot travel with a Pet in the cabin for safety considerations.
  22. A Pet showing disruptive behaviour may be denied boarding, with examples including scratching, excessive whining or barking, growling, biting, and urinating or defecating in the cabin or gate area.
  23. Dogs and cats must be at least 3 (three) months old on the date of travel, and pregnant Pets of more than 4 (four) weeks will not be carried by Fly91.
  24. During check-in/on-boarding, a physical copy of a signed and stamped letter from the Pet’s veterinarian confirming good health and vaccinations must be presented to Fly91 staff.
  25. Cremated Pet remains can be carried onboard as a carry-on item, following specific security protocols.
  26. Dangerous animals, wild animals, elephants, horses, cattle, sheep, and/or pigs will not be carried by Fly91.
  27. Dead, unconscious, or sedated Pets will not be accepted on Fly91 flights.
  28. Documentation and declarations are required while dropping off and picking up a Pet.
  29. Bookings for Pets cannot be made through the Website or travel agents.
  30. The Customer assumes all risks associated with the Pet's carriage and indemnifies Fly91 accordingly.

Fly91 reserves the right to refuse the carriage of a Pet on its aircraft at its discretion.

Time Limitations on Claims and Actions

1. Notice of Claims

Customers must verify that the identification number on the Baggage Tag matches the Baggage Identification Tag to confirm that the Checked-in Baggage they are collecting is theirs. In the event that a Customer fails to perform this verification and collects Checked-in Baggage that does not belong to them, Fly91 will take appropriate measures to recover such Checked-in Baggage.

2. Limitation of Actions

Any entitlement to compensation will no longer be valid if a claim is not initiated against Fly91 within 2 (two) years from either the arrival date of the booked flight at the destination, the scheduled arrival date at the destination, or the completion of the Customer's journey, depending on the circumstances. The calculation of this limitation period during any dispute will be determined by the law of the court where the case is being heard, in accordance with applicable legal provisions.

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

1. Governing Law

The interpretation and application of the Conditions of Carriage will be in accordance with the laws of India.

2. Dispute Resolution

Any disputes or disagreements related to the Conditions of Carriage will be resolved in the courts of Mumbai, India, which will hold exclusive and sole jurisdiction over these matters.

Customers recognize and accept that in the event of any issues or concerns arising from the Conditions of Carriage, all communications, legal notices, and summonses will be considered properly served only if directed to the corporate office address of Fly91, as specified below, and not to any other address:

Just Udo Aviation Private Limited
204, The Summit Premises Co-operative Society,
Sant Janabai Road,
Vile Parle (E),
Mumbai - 400057.

Customer Grievance Redressal

If a Customer is unsatisfied with the service provided by Fly91, they may reach out to Fly91 through any of the following means:

  1. Customer Experience Team:
  2. Nodal Officer:
  3. Appellate Authority:
  4. Fly91's airport staff at different airports will be delighted to assist you.

Fly91 retains the authority to modify the Conditions of Carriage at any moment, without prior notice or responsibility.